Chapter 8

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AN- AAHAHAH got it uploaded FINALLY, :)  i dont really have much to say for this authors note x.x, except im jealous cause everybody i know went to the freaking beach -_- sighhhhhhhhh im stuck here at home doing chores, LOVE U GUYS.

Chapter 8

I slept with Rich that night, and NO for all you pervs, we didn’t do anything, I just rested in his arms and we fell asleep. You nasty’s.

I didn’t want to wake up in the morning; I knew my father would be waiting. Maybe if I got lucky I could dream him away, but alas life is dull and dreams do not come true (unless you make them happen kids!J)

I tried to get myself out of Rich’s grasp, but when I struggled he just gripped tighter.

“I don’t want you to go…”

“Rich, we’ve gotta get up sooner or later…” I sighed.

“Can’t we just… stay though?”


“Fine, Whatever let’s get up…”

I didn’t feel like changing out of my clothes, even though I was basically wearing the same clothes as I did yesterday.

I paced downstairs slowly, afraid of what was to come… he couldn’t take Rich with him, He didn’t even belong to him anymore. Father didn’t know anything about him, and Rich was basically an adult.

I peered into the living room, expecting a man who looked extremely similar to me, but the living room held not a soul.

I walked into the kitchen, Gram and Aunt Rue eating breakfast, but father was nowhere to be seen.

“W-where is he?”

“Your father hasn’t shown up yet… but I expect him to be here soon.”

“Oh…” I sighed. I knew that I would be separated from Rich. The thought sat in the front of my mind as I slumped down in the mahogany chair at the fine linen covered table. I picked at a string at it, teasing with it. When I realized I hadn’t even told Rich about England.

“Rich…” I turned my head to look at him make himself a cup of coffee, I personally thought it tasted nasty.

“Yeah Jesse?”

“I forgot to tell you something…”

“What is it?” he looked rather interested now.

“Well, before all this stuff with father happened… well I was going to go to a Boarding school in England.”





He sat on the counter and pondered for a second. And he shot up excited.

“I’ve got a plan!” he jumped up.

“Really? What is it?”

“You and me, we looked the exact same right?”

“Yeah, but you’re a little bit taller, and your voice is deeper. Also, you eyes are a darker green than mine, and your hairs a bit darker.”

He smiled. “Yeah, but would father really be able to tell the difference?”

“I-I guess he wouldn’t… what are you thinking?”

“You and me, we could trade places!”

“W-what!? Have you gone mad??”

“No! It could work! You could go to England, while I’m with him.”

“B-But he’ll hurt you!”

“Jesse… I can put up with it; I would rather die to see you get beaten by you…” He embraced my face, and I blushed.

“That really could work…” Gram exclaimed.


“It settled you’re going to England Jesse! And Rich will take your place.”

“Are you sure…?”

Then there was a heavy knock at the door, and it was settled. Rich grabbed me by my waist and rushed me up to the room.

“Wait rich!” I whispered.


“What about your voice??”

“I’ll just not talk around him, and if I have to ill talk softly.”

“I’m scared Rich…”

“Don’t be, he can’t do anything to me…” he smiled.

“…” he quickly gathered His stuff together, while I slowly got mine. I didn’t want to leave him like this, but in no time he was ready.


I stayed silent and looked down, trying to hold the tears back. My father was ruthless and he would surely hurt him… I couldn’t imagine what he would do if he saw him again…

“I love you…” I said softly. I lifted myself up slowly on my toes, and softly kissed him on his lips.

He paused for a moment when I pulled away. He looked into my eyes, and as I looked back, I saw something in them. Something darker, something that showed he had been through vigorous pain. But I didn’t have time to ask, because the nest thing I knew, he was walking away.  

I wanted to stop him, but I didn’t.

“Goodbye Jesse…” He said softly as he closed the door behind him.

I heard a voice boom from down stairs.


“He left you bastard!!” retorted Gram.

“I thought I told him to stay!!”

“He has his rights, and besides Jesse’s here, isn’t that enough for you?”

I heard him scoff, and then it grew silent. The next thing I heard shook me.

It was a loud clapping sound. Like skin contacting with skin. And I heard Rich yelp.

I knew he had hit him. I knew it… and I wanted to run down there… but something made me stay…

I felled to my knees and cried… I was such a coward. I couldn’t bring myself to save Rich…

About 30 minutes later, Gram came up. She opened the door slowly and peered in.

“Are you ready to go Jesse?”

“As I’ll ever be…” I sighed.

I carried my stuff to the car, and we put everything in… It all happened too fast. I wasn’t ready to leave… I was leaving everything. I was leaving Rob, Rich, Conner, Gram and Aunt Rue, Kyle and father… I was leaving this life behind, but only for a little while…

I looked out the car window. Maybe this could turn for the better… I would leave this life behind, and start a new one until I came back… And maybe while I’m in England, I might actually be happy. If just for once.

It was about 1 am when we got to the airport, so I should be getting to England at about 5 am. Right about when the sun rises.

I bid farewell to Gram, and then I was off. Right before I boarded, I looked back. I took a second to take everything in and said my goodbyes to it all. I turned my back and loaded the plane, ready for whatever England had waiting for me…

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