Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

I slumped down in the seat of the car. We had skipped the movie and were going straight to dinner. Things didn’t play out too well between Ben, Tucker, and I.

So as all three of us stood there frozen, I didn’t even notice myself jumping on top of Ben and trying to pound his face in. I was too much in the thought of that the man who tried to rape me was right in front of me.

Before I knew it, Dylan and Tesni were trying to pull me off of the guy. While they held me back, I started spiting words at him.


He smacked me across the face just then. He fell to his knees, but I didn’t hit him. It was Tesni, he had hit him. I had realized that I hadn’t notice anything that had gone on around me. Ben had started screaming at me, trying to get his hands on me, hit Tesni in the process, and Tesni went ape shit on him.

Ohh yeaah brownie points for him.

Before I knew it, the Police, or in British, Constable, Had taken him away.

And thus I’m here now, sitting next to beautiful Tesni, and I’ve already given myself a bad impression. I sighed, I feel like I’ve lost all hope with Tesni, when he grabbed my hand.

I felt my face redden, but I knew after what I just did I didn’t deserve it.

“Jesse, it’s okay that you got mad.”

I turned to face him. “Really?”

“Yeah.” He said smiling; half of his face was red and swollen. But he still looked as handsome as ever.  “But, excuse me asking; what is your past with him?”

I got a bit carried away and forgot that Tucker and Michael were behind me. “Well Tucker took me a bar my first day here, and he was the bouncer there. He said he wanted payment for letting me in free, referring to me as his payment. Tucker said no, and then we went inside. After a while, tucker left with some kid with pink hair, and then Ben came, picked me up and walked off. Next thing I knew I was in the middle of an attempted rape, I got away though.”

It had gone silent and everyone was staring. Except tucker, his eyes were wide and his face was red. Then the questions came.

“When did this happen!?” shouted Dylan.

“You were rapped!?” shouted Dylan’s girlfriend

“Are you okay?” Tesni asked.

But Michael’s questions were diverted towards tucker. “When was this?!” he shouted.

“When I told you I was going out with my older sister….” Tucker replied softly.

“Was the pink haired guy your ex boyfriend?!”


“Why were you with Jesse!?”

“Cause….” I guess after he had admitted defeat of trying to keep the thing between me and him a secret. “I thought he was cute.”

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