Chapter 21

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AN- lol last day on my laptop :( no more updates sorry i couldnt please all of you with finishing it. so ima have to finish in in september, dont worry thats only a summer away ;) but yup todays my last day of school WOOOOOOOOO. oh yeah and the french trasnlastions transate into stuff. i cant really remember but its all like. "Why you gotta b havin sex in mah taxi."

"Because i love him, not shut up and drive."

"Your gonna get my seats dirty!"

and i forget the last one, if you are really curious you can go to google trnaslate and find out. LOVE YOU GUISEEE THIS BE THE LAST UPDATE FOR A WHILEEE!!! IM SORRY ITS SO SHORT!!! D: i couldnt think of anything to type. see you guys in septemeber, just so you know i luv ya all and there will be many updates around that time! <3 bye bye guise love ya!!! <3

Chapter 21

Tesni wrapped his arms around me. he gave me a very passionate kiss, it sent chills through my body. He kept kissing me all over, despite we were still in a taxi and that the driver was really red faced.

“Croyez-vous vraiment besoin d'avoir des relations sexuelles sur la banquette arrière? » He asked.

I didn’t know French; therefore I had no idea what he was saying. But Luckily Tesni knew every language on god’s good earth, and took cover for me.

“Oui, nous allons avoir des relations sexuelles sur la banquette arrière, parce que je l'aime, maintenant calme et d'entraînement. »

I didn’t know what he said either but I just sat there and kept quiet.

“Bon, d'accord, je posais simplement. Je juste ne veux pas mes sièges souillés, je dois payer pour les dommages que vous connaissez! » Muttered the taxi driver.

“Quoiqu'il en soit, tout simplement conduire à l'hôtel, donc nous n'aurons pas d'obtenir vos places sale. » Tesni scowled. I think he was aggrivated.

But from then on, Tesni only held my hand and gave me chaste little kisses.

It wasn’t till we got out of the taxi and back to the hotel was he all over me again. I tried to get him off, since we were in the lobby and everyone was staring, but he seemed to be addicted to me. He was so lusty right now.  

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