Chapter 22

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AN- whoa hey, im a fat liar. looks like i actually got around to typing on this smallish laptop. But summer sucks soooo i have nothing better too do. But i know everyone was totally expecting a sex sence for this chapter, but my sister tried to kill me with scissors so i am putting my hate for her in this chapter. all i want is a murder murder murder secene or atleast something to et another chapter going.... i had to go back and read the story to remember what was going on. so have a chapter, on the house. actuallly give me five bucks, i wanna go see batman. 


i will have the chapter up in a few hours

that was also a huge lie.... ill never give you a specific time limit if i dont mean it ever again :( im SO SOS SOSOSOS SOSOSOSOSOOSOSOSOSOOOOO sorry for all of you who were expecting a new update, and please trust me im trying to get that done, but i only get about 1 to 30 min. on this laptop, so it was mean of me to say i was going to get this up soon. so i am going to do what i originally was going to do, and wait for school, its only 23 days away so its not that long of a wait, please accept my apology until i can get a idea type it up, and give it too you. and i want to make this real special cause you guys have waited patiently for me. so im sorry and i love you guys ^.^|I| i know you probably wanna kill me right now. BUT ALL I WANT TO DO IS HUGG YOUUU

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