Chapter 1

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Chapter one

 Jesse Ran towards the screen door, thrusting it open with one hand. Sharp needles of rain stung his bleeding face. This wasn’t the first time his abusive father had hit him. In fact it seemed to be a daily thing, but this time Jesse wouldn’t take it anymore. His father had struck his face with brutal force, shoving him to the ground. When he tried lifting his sore body off the ground with one hand, his father stuck a knife into it. He had hit him back, but it did little damage to his handsome face. He understood how some girl would fall head over heels for him, but he was a cruel man under all that beauty. And Jesse hated how much he looked like that awful man.

 His father was tall lean but yet slightly built. He had shoulder length bleach blonde hair, and hazel eyes. He looked rather young for his age. He was 32 (got some girl pregnant when he was 17.) The woman who had given birth to the little angel of a son had died during labor. They had to cut Jesse out of her stomach, and boy was his father angry. Unlike most of the women that He dated, he actually liked her.  He kept Jesse as a reminder of what he has done, and how she died in vain. Jesse was a short kid. Only about 14, he had bleach blonde hair like his father, but he had green eyes like his mother. His face was often busted up, but the teachers at school didn’t seem to care. Even though Jesse’s father hated him, he still loved him, and he didn’t leave because he knew that some were deep down inside his twisted torn heart, he loved him. He knew he would lose it if he left, and so he stayed, but no more. Jesse didn’t want to take this abuse, so he ran away.

 He was slowly coming up to his friend’s house. Rob was a tall lean kid, and towered over Jesse. But he was utterly kind. He had shaggy brown hair and wore glasses. He was rather handsome too, but Jesse only thought of him as a friend.

 “Oh my god Jesse…. Did he hit you again…?” Rob asked opening up his door to the wet blood drenched boy, cupping his hand over the left side of his swollen face.

  “I-it’s nothing too bad…” he whispered in a silent voice,

 “Oh my god, he cut your hand?! That’s it! I’m fed up with his abuse! I’m calling the cops!”

  “N-No!! Don’t call them! It’s okay! Really! See I’m totally fine!!”

  “Fine?! Are you blind?! You’re only saying that because you don’t want to be sent to the boys home!” His voice started growing louder, more infuriated.

  Jesse started to sob silently throwing himself on the couch. “I can’t leave him… you and I both know that… he just needs some looking after that’s all.”

  “He’s got a girlfriend for that!”



 “He’s got a boyfriend, and to tell you the truth he’s not ever really caring, their more like…” Jesse took a moment to think about what to say. “Friends with benefits.” He exclaimed half smiling.

  “Why can’t you just come live with me Jesse… your father lives only a block away, you could always go check on him and not always havin’ your face busted up.”

  “Rob… You know why. And plus your starting college soon, I don’t want to be in the way…”

 Rob let out a long sigh trying to think of something that he would not regret. “Jesse…” he said, kneeling down in front of him. “Just remember… we have known each other ever since you started school… I’m always here for you… but you always choose that man over me…”

 Jesse started getting irritated by the way Rob was acting. “Well he’s kinda tha man who brought me into this world.”

 “No! It was your mother that brought you into this world! And you killed her! And if you’re not careful, he will take you out of this world!!”

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