Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

I never saw Rob again, nor Conner, atleast not for a long time. Conner moved in with Rob, and we never saw him anymore. They shared the same dorm. Conner didn’t want anything to do with family after that incident; they didn’t even come for Aunt Rue’s birthday. His own mother’s birthday, not even a package in the mail. I know that Rich kissed me, and I kissed him. But that doesn’t mean we are together. That was a moment of weakness and his presence was convenient. But when I heard about Rob and Conner… well… I didn’t think Rob could give me any more heart hurt, but I guess I was wrong. I locked myself in my ‘room’ for atleast a week.

 Even now I still can’t get over it.

I hadn’t heard from my father ever since he told me that I was staying with Gram. I didn’t even know where he was… But I didn’t care at the moment; I wasn’t being hit or anything. I didn’t have to deal with his outrageous mood swings, him touching me when he’s drunk. I didn’t have to deal with anything. I was glad that I was out of his sorry excuse for a home. I didn’t have to worry about being raped or beaten up all the time. I was currently worry free. But something was still on my back…

I hadn’t even realized then.

I stared down at my soggy cereal. Just playing around with it.

“So Jesse, I was thinking that…”

“Hmm?” I asked looking up.

“Well I don’t expect your sorry excuse for a father to be coming around any time soon, so I was thinking… I can’t keep you here for much longer…. I love you to death dear, and I made your mother a promise that-“


“But Jesse i-“

“Really Gram, its fine… I’m use to the feeling of not being wanted…”

“Jesse! That not what I meant!! I do want you here so badly, but I’m getting old, and won’t be around forever, and dear Rue has her job to look after… so I was thinking that… I could send you to a boarding school? It would be a great experience for you, and you would meet new people and make new friends! I love you so much sweetie and I’m trying to give you the best that I can…”

I lifted my head to look at her. “Really?”

“Yes dear, I love you so much and you need this…”

I looked back down at my cereal. “I guess it wouldn’t hurt for a little while…”

“That’s the spirit!” she said happily. “We can go look at the school after you get dressed and out of those ratty old clothes, which reminds me! We should go out and take you shopping! Ohh this is gonna be fun!!” I just laughed at her exhilaration.

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