Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

 I walked down the paved street I had never even been on. People were walking with their lovers, and it hurt… it hurt seeing them walk hand in hand, sharing chaste kisses with each other. The cool breeze was a bitter reminder of what happened two nights ago. Something that changed my life forever…

Tesni kept giving me those sweet kisses after we got to the hotel from the taxi. People were starting to stare, so I tried prying him off of me, but he was just holding on so tight. I could feel his warmth against me. It felt almost as if his bare skin was touching mine. In the freezing weather, it was a nice feeling. It was that feeling of belonging that was very foreign to me.  But it felt wrong. I’ve always had mixed emotions about everything, and even this relationship between me and Tesni I was feeling awkward in. He was a great friend and I loved him. We have been dating for a long time, and for that time, my life has been great. But what we are doing, it feels wrong…

 Why does it feel wrong? He’s the greatest thing in my life, I love him so much… But… I don’t want him to get hurt… I know that I will hurt him sooner or later…

 That’s what I’m feeling.. I love him so much… but this needs to end.

“Jesse, what’s wrong?” Tesni questioned, cocking his head to where his strawberry blonde strands of hair moved. It was a cute habit of his.

“Hm? Oh… n-nothing…” I lied.

“Well you seemed real lost in thought.”

“Yeah… I guess.”

“Well what were you thinking about?”  He smiled. That smile… I’ve fallen so in love with it over the years of being with him.

“Uhh Uhh… WERENT YOU JUST ABOUT TO HAVE SEX WITH ME!?” I quickly changed the subject.


“You weren’t?”

“No silly, I wasn’t about to have sex with you, I was going to make love to you.” He smiled and gave me a big wet kiss.

I couldn’t stop blushing once he said that. He’s such a crack head.

“C’mon lets go inside.” He grabbed my hand with a movement so quick.

I was nervous. What if I freaked out last time like I did with tucker, would Tesni still love me after that? No… I won’t let myself. I love Tesni, and this isn’t sex or rape. This is love. And I love Tesni.

Despite the hotel being a fine 4 star hotel, expensive at that, the bad weather cause the elevators to break down. So now we had to climb 15 flights of stairs…

 After the first 8 floors, each step felt like me feet was going to snap and fall all the back to floor 1.

Floor after floor, the fire inside of me yearning for sex started to die. I was almost totally turned off by the time we made it, I was tired and out of breath too. But Tesni seemed like a ball of energy and he was still excited.

“C’mon Jesse hurry!”

“Just wait a minute!” I stammered trying to catch my breath.

We went in the hotel room, and I had forgotten that my clothes were everywhere from when I changed into the dress. And also, it was freezing in the room.

“Brrr… whys it so cold?” I asked.

“I think the heater shut off due to the weather.”

“Haha, I thought this was supposed to be a 4 star hotel, what’s with everything breaking?”

 “Well a storm is to be expected…”

 “Man… it’s gonna be so cold.”

 Tesni pulled me over to sit on the bed and started cuddling and hugging me. “Well that means we can cuddle to keep each other warm.”

 He started to lightly kiss me, it started on my lips, but he went lower and lower until he got to my collar bone. He unzipped the back of the dress, and slid it off of me very sensually.

“Hmm, you smell really good.”

 Those words made my face turn even redder than it currently was.

He then pushed me so that I was lying down and he straddled me. Starting to lick me all over. He went down from my collar bone, and stopped suddenly.

He began licking and sucking on my nipple and it made me start to moan. It felt so good, especially while Tesni is doing it to me.  I began to rotate my hips under him, begging him to draw his attention to my erected cock.  He gave me an acknowledging look and started to go lower. But then he was stopped at my navel, and began dipping and stroking his tongue in my navel.  It made me moan even more.

 Soon he stopped and began to descend to my lower region. He started playing with the elastic band around my waist, and with his other hand he stroked my penis through the cloth. It only made me moan and yearn more for him. He quit playing with the elastic band, and then he moved lower, and started to gently bite me.  At this pace I was going to come before he even took my under wear off.

 That night was a rather warm and blissful one. He somewhat took my… I guess you can say, The feeling of my virginity because the first time it was unintentional. It was no problem; I had not thoughts of the guy who raped me, rich, or tucker. Only Tesni is what filled my head.

 The heat of our sweaty bodies rubbing against each other, the feeling of being connected, it was an amazing one. A feeling I had never felt for anyone before…

It was only a few hours later that everything changed…

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