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✓ | Silent Shadows ⋆ Will Herondale [1] by juIianblackthorn
✓ | Silent Shadows ⋆ Will helen
❝Someone will remember us, I say, even in another time. ❞ After surviving and successfully escaping the cruel captivity of the Dark Sisters, Marie Wayland fin...
Valentine's Arrow by queenkrazykat
Valentine's Arrowby Lady Midnight
Rebecca Lightwood is determined to avenge her brother Max's death. But things don't exactly go as planned - after being kidnapped by Sebastian himself, she vows to exact...
ᴛʜᴏʀɴᴇᴅ ʀᴏꜱᴇ ━ will herondale by gcddess-
ᴛʜᴏʀɴᴇᴅ ʀᴏꜱᴇ ━ will herondaleby Andrea
❝ Have you ever loved a rose, and watched her slowly bloom; and as her petals would unfold; you grew drunk on her perfume.❞ ...
A Love Worth Saving (A Will/Tessa - Infernal Devices Fan-Fiction) by BoysInBooksRBetter13
A Love Worth Saving (A Will/ Katheryn Rodzianko
After I read Clockwork Prince, I wanted to write something to fill my time before CP2 came out, so this is what I came up with: >>Jem and Tessa are setting up for...
A Strange Way / Wessa by LunaAnnabethRoseJada
A Strange Way / Wessaby unactive
This is a Wessa modern highschool AU from Cassandra Clare's The Infernal Devices. I'll throw in a few other characters of my own, but they're mostly all her. It's really...
The Infernal Instruments by Clace_xox
The Infernal Instrumentsby Phoebe Herondale
The Infernal Instruments is a TMI, TID crossover. Where Henry creates a portal that can travel through space and time and he and the other Infernal Devices characters tr...
The Time Traveler (Malec Fanfic with TMI/TID crossover) by PainlessAgony
The Time Traveler (Malec Fanfic rominna
After Alec Lightwood's devastating break up, he and his ex-boyfriend Magnus Bane gets Portaled to London after an attack in his loft in Brooklyn. Under a shady cafe in t...
Infernal Future (A Mortal Instruments and Infernal devices FF) by MegaxXxMonster
Infernal Future (A Mortal Megan
The Shadowhunters of London get sent into the future. There they meet Magnus, but a more sparkled version, and the modernized Tessa...she happens to be, well different f...
The Infernal Devices Rewritten by LilacPotterhead
The Infernal Devices Rewrittenby LilacPotterhead
When Evan DeLuca finds herself at the gates of the great London Institute in Victorian England, something is most definitely wrong in London's Shadow World. Shadowhunte...
The Secret Life of Heronstairs [The Infernal Devices fan fiction] [On Hold] by pennameajt
The Secret Life of Heronstairs [ AJ Blackthorn
**I do not own the cover image!** This is a fan fiction for the Will & Jem (relationship) fandom--- the FIRST on Wattpad!!* Ever wonder why Will and Jem were as close as...
Clabastian: a war of two worlds. by meghan_x
Clabastian: a war of two Felicity
After Clary is designated to kill Sebastian, will she go through with it to make everyone proud and safe from the harm of her brother, or will she give in to temptations...
Grand Syzygy by cleffhanger
Grand Syzygyby Cleffy Garcia
After the invention of a microchip device that enables human brains to manipulate objects, their lives have never been the same anymore. ...
Clockwork Princess by KatnissHawthorne
Clockwork Princessby KatnissHawthorne
The final chapter of Cassandra Clare's Infernal Devices trilogy, a fanfiction. Tessa must decide between Will and Jem, the two boys she loves, all why facing an uncertai...
Top 10 Most popular Electronic Devices -Home gadgets by Gadgetshoppingguide
Top 10 Most popular Electronic Gadgetshoppingguide
Smartphones have become essential devices in our daily lives, and the most popular brands are iPhone, Samsung, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi (Mi), and OnePlus. iPhone, known for it...
I've Never Forgotten by icestormmountainclan
I've Never Forgottenby Grace
It had been four dreadful years since Tessa Gray had fled the London Institute with her and Will's son, James Herondale, escaping to Magnus's new home in New York. But w...
After The Bridge- Jessa by BooksBBCandShips
After The Bridge- Jessaby BooksBBCandShips
This is Jessa smut that Cassandra Clare posted to her Tumblr. I DID NOT WRITE THIS. ALL RIGHTS GO TO CASSANDRA CLARE. Warning: Smut
Clockwork Angel by NoxiousNova
Clockwork Angelby Nova
Welcome to London 1899. With hot gossip, scandalous hook-ups, twirling dresses and Demons. Vampires, werewolves and fairies, all myth right? Wrong. London’s society is u...
Apple Pie, Anyone? by BookMuffins
Apple Pie, Anyone?by BookMuffins
I was asking for TID fic requests and someone asked for one where Sophie teaches Gideon how to bake something he likes and well, crazy (indecent) stuff goes down. ((cov...
Harry Potter and the Shadowhunters of New York by crazycarstairs
Harry Potter and the lalalightwood/crazycarstairs
A series of one-shots/drabbles revolving around the Shadowhunters of New York and the young witches and wizards of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
We'll Run When the Rain Stop's (One Direction Fan Story) by ThatOlivia
We'll Run When the Rain Stop's ( Olivia Jane
Olivia and Her friends are just a bunch of 'Normal' Teenage girls, they Laugh alot and constally tease each other. but what happens when 5 boys barrel into their lives...