Chapter 6

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Chapter 6

My mouth probably hit the floor. What Rich said to me changed my life. Not only was the stuff happening to me his fault, BUT HE WAS MY FUCKING BROTHER.

WHAT THE HELL. I mean I guess it could have been obvious, but my father didn’t have any other children, and my mother only gave birth to me!

“I’m amazed you couldn’t tell.” He smirked.


“Dude, that’s the 6th time you said that, say something else or I’m going to back hand you.”

GO AHEAD HIT ME! How could he not tell me before!?Where was this kid my entire life?

I wasn’t totally mad at him, I mean at first I was when he told me that the abuse and Rob was his fault, but he didn’t plan the rape. He said, that the abuse was his fault because, well long story short. Apparently my father did know about his birth. My father loved him more than he loved the women that gave birth to him. He gave him everything in the world. But one day, He was kidnapped. My father swore he would never love again, and gave up on trying finding him, but when I was born, his exact twin. He wanted to love me, but always thought of Rich when he saw me, so he abused me. What confuses me though is that; wouldn’t my dad be like 12 when he had rich??

“How old are you really? I know you’re not 19.” I glared.

“Haha, I was wondering when you would catch on, I’m 17.”

“That makes more since”

He had yet to tell me why he purposely got Rob to break up with me. And when I thought about it, it infuriated me.


“Jesse, listen. I did it because you needed it.”


“It’s not that. I did it because you gained what you needed out of it.”

“And what the hell was that?”

“Self confidence, independence, and the will to move on.” He smiled.

I was about to smack his when I thought about what he said. He was right, I would probably be in a gutter right now if I let Rob get the best of me. I would probably be dead. I wouldn’t be able to stand up for myself.

I stayed silent, and Rich sat next to me, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

“Jesse, listen. I know you have a god awful life. But you need to learn to move on. And I can help you.”

I didn’t speak.

“I take your silence as an okay.” I glanced at him. His face was in a grin, and I let the corner of my mouth lift in a half smile.

Then he did the unexpected. He kissed me. He’s kissed me before, but that’s before I knew he was my brother!

“AHH!! WHAT THE HELL!!!” I shoved him off of me.

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