Chapter 4

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Chapter 4

The cool summer air blew through my hair. It had been a month since Rob left, and his absence left a huge gap in my heart, but I had to move on. Father and Kyle went out of town for some weird reason, they didn’t tell me where they were going and what they were doing, all I knew is that I got home from the park one morning, and I was being shoved in my grandma’s car.

 I had only ever needed to stay at my grandma’s back when dad had his job and was going out of town, which was rather often. But he lost his job almost a year ago, so I hadn’t seen her in a year.

 She loved me lots and lots but hated my father. She had promised my mother that she would take care of me, so she kept her promise to her. Her house was atleast two states over, so the drive was long, but I liked her house. She was super rich and she gave money to my father when he needed it (which is why I currently have an education and he’s kept up with the house and such.)

“W-were is father going?” I questioned.

“God knows were that douche bag is going!” She shouted. “All I know is that he called me yesterday to come down and take you!”

“W-when am I going home?”

She turned and looked at me, a smile crossing her face. “I hope not too soon.”

“Wait he didn’t say?”

“No, but he did say he would be the one to come and get you.”

I sighed and leaned back in my seat. I watched the gray sky up ahead, as little drops of rain started trickling down the window. I eventually dozed off, but woke up about an hour later. We were still traveling and my Grandma was coming up to a restaurant. I could use some McDonalds right now….

She told me good morning before she asked me what I wanted to eat, and we sat in the car eating for a while. The radio was turned on, announcing bad weather coming our way, and a sudden outbreak of some unknown disease. Grandma turned off the radio scoffing at it.

“Why has everything got to be so negative these days?”

“It’s news Grandma…” I sighed.

“Speaking of news, your cousin Conner got accepted in to Harvard!” she smiled. “Isn’t that great?!”

A shocked expression let out across my face before I could mask it. He got into Harvard? Robs there… And my cousin was a total hotty, defiantly Rob’s type. I started to worry that they might take a liking to each other… But I realized that was just crazy! I was letting my imagination get the best of me. But I wish I had had better self confidence…

“Jesse, are you alright? You look shaken!”

I snapped out of my daze. “S-sorry, my friend just got accepted into Harvard, and I was just thinking they would be good friends if they met each other!” I laughed.

“Well, I know that Conner like’s to meet interesting people, so let’s hope they do!” she laughed. But that was the last thing I wanted.

We drove for 7 more hours before we actually got to her house. She actually lived in Boston, which made me laugh; maybe I was going to see Rob earlier than I thought!

Grandma turned to me.

“So Jesse, we have a few family members over to send Conner off, and I know you don’t know any of our family. But please, be nice to all of them!” she pleaded.

I smiled. “Of course.”

The rest of my family I had never met all seemed happy. They seemed as if they had never seen a bad day once in their life. But then I realized… No one has seen as many bad days as I have. And of course they didn’t pity me as much as I thought they would. They had yet to know that my father abused me, that I was bullied at school, that I have been raped, and above all thing knew I was gay. I wasn’t ready to come out of the closet to my family.

But of course they did pity me that HE was my father. They even pointed out how skinny I was… I hadn’t even noticed until then. I never really thought about food much. I maybe ate once every other day? I didn’t do any snacking either. I was as thin as a twig. And I wore off any fat I had by walking to and from school, not to mention the chores my father made me do.

It turned out; everyone in my family had quite a bubbly attitude from life. It made me wonder about my mother and what she was like.

Conner had grown very tall since the last time I saw him. But that WAS 8 years ago… He grew his shaggy blonde hair out. But he still had the same green eyes he also got from his mother. You could tell that we were related, but yet extremely different. He had hugged me, and I hugged him back. Trying not to let it slip that Rob was also in Harvard. HE told me he missed me, the usual stuff. He actually spent most of the night around me.

Finally people started to leave, and I started to grow tired. When only Conner and my aunt were left, I excused myself and went up to my usual room.

I loved this room. There was a huge skylight over the bed, and the bed was huge as well. Taking up almost the whole wall. There was addresser and a walk in closet, a bathroom. But what I adored about the room was the view of the stars. Even though I couldn’t see that many, they were still beautiful. And once again, I thought about leaving this world, and belonging up in the sky with the sun and the moon, dancing with the stars. I loved it all, and I drifted into sleep thinking about the stars.

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