Chapter 12

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AN- i was listening too my heart will go on while typing this. dont judge me its a sad song D: but anyways heres a new chapter! ive had testing all week, so once i finish the test everyday, i get too type. soooooooooooo heres chapter 12, and chapter 13 is coming along now. :) please enjoy! vote and comment! love you guysss

Chapter 12

Only one thing went through my head. “I’m going to kick his ass.” And I would have, but something stopped me. The way he looked with that boy, he looked so happy… the way he held on to his arm, and how he would smile up to him. I couldn’t bring myself to ruin their moment together.

I sighed, I was starting to go soft again, and after all I have built up so far?

“Looks like it’s time for me to go find my dorm.” I muttered as I turned my back and walked away. I knew one thing though, if he was ‘dating’ that kid, then I would surely see him again.

The building was easy to find, but now to find the room. The top floor, 127?? Was it? Hmm, guess I would find out!

As I walked to the room, I couldn’t get the fact that I had just seen Tucker, as well with some boy, he’s probably scamming him as well.

I pulled out the room key, and tried opening the door, but it didn’t work. Maybe I was doing it wrong. I tried every which way I could, up down left right, but it didn’t work. I decided to knock, maybe someone was in there.

I knocked for about five minutes, and almost gave up, before I heard moaning coming from behind the door. I got curious, and grabbed the handle, and guess what, it was unlocked. I’m so smart….

I peered in, and followed the moaning. Before I even reached the room were the noise was coming from, I knew what was going on, but my curiosity got the best of me. I peered into a rather large living room area, and saw 2 boys on a couch. On was almost as tall as the headmaster, and the other was about Tuckers height. The larger one had shaggy brown hair, while the other one had a more of a chocolate colored hair.

They looked to be enjoying themselves and didn’t even notice I was standing in the doorway. It was time for me to be mean, OHOHOHO yes!

“Ehhmm!” I coughed loudly so they would notice.

Both of their head shot up simultaneously. The smaller one stared wide eyed at me, but his face turned into a deep glare.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING IN HERE!?” He shouted, jumping off of the larger boy, trying to pull on his pants.

“Uhm, I, I’m looking for my room.”

“Well this isn’t it you fucking American!! Why are all of you Americans such total dumbasses!?!”

“O-okay, my bad!”


I scurried out the door as quick as I could. I was shouting apologies, even though I didn’t mean any of them, but I probably made two new enemies.

I leaned against the wall when I managed to get out of the room. The larger boy had gotten up and tried to snap me in two, but I managed to get out. I huffed in and out deep breaths. What was I doing? The old Jesse would never have done that. I’m getting too cocky.

I looked back down at the paper that had my room number on it. It said 125….. Perfect. Fucking fantastic.

I had already missed two classes, what now? Should I even bother showing up? I don’t really think it mattered anymore.

I sighed as I went two doors down to ‘my’ dorm.

I went inside, and I guess it looked kinda like a penthouse, the living room was heavenly windowed, there was a kitchen, and in my bed room was a king sized bed, along with a walk in closet and a bathroom. There was even a wash room. It was rather nice, but… I didn’t feel like home. Not yet.

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