Chapter 17

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AN- this is the part of the story when shit happens :) im not to proud of it though, i liked the old Jesse bettur TT.TT oh well beggers cant be choosers ya know what i mean :D enjoy! cote n comment my pretties! (now Osin is my favortie character <3)

Chapter 17

3 years passed. I was now 17 while Tesni was about to be 19. It was winter, and his art career was soaring off. He was always going on tours, and leaving little old me behind. I was still in school; as a matter of fact I’m just starting winter break. I felt so loved by him. When he was here, he gave me his undivided attention. But when he wasn’t, I would hang out with Dylan. It was his last year here and I was most certainly going to miss him.

After that night 3 years ago, nothing happened between us besides our friendship growing. We always did stuff together while Tesni was away. We went to the movies, out to eat, to the mall, around England. He even took me to Ireland once. Everything was great.

Tucker and Michael did break up, but after a year got back together. They did everything together again.  Sometimes even went out with me and Dylan. Dylan’s girlfriend, Charlotte, stayed with him. She is very sweet and I enjoy her visits greatly. She would go out and buy me stuff even. She even bought me the best gift I’ve ever received, my dog Osin. He’s a corgi, and I love him so much. He’s still a puppy, but very hyper. Tesni loves him too, everyone does. Everyone was happy. I felt alive. I was active and confident. 

I and Tesni were better than ever. But I still haven’t had sex with him. We haven’t even toughed each other besides kissing and holding. But I’m fine with that. That’s what love is. It isn’t the sex, it’s the feeling of being around someone you’ve grown to know and you can share anything with them. You can be yourself with that person, and they can make you the happiest person on the planet.

 The headmaster, Dylan’s brother, took full role of the school. He helped me out with classes, and helped me with stuff in general. I’m succeeding in all of my classes, and all of the students have grown on me. No one bullies me or hates me. They are all nice and I have no problems. I have a great boyfriend, amazing friends, an amazing dog, and a great life in general.

I know now that I am willing and able for everything. I’m willing to fight till the end and stand up for myself. I don’t need anyone to tell me what to do and I can do things on my own. But I am only human, and when I need someone to carry me, I have Tesni. And when he’s not here I have loving friends.

Whenever Tesni isn’t around, I can email him on my laptop that he bought for me of my first year here. I learned to love England. I’ve even caught on to some of the accent. I love everything, and my stars are still in the sky to guide me. But one question still haunts me.

Will any of this come to the end?

After I become old, will Tesni still be here? Will anyone be? Will they all still love me? Will I be able to fight through my fears? Will all the things I’ve come to love stay with me through my pains and joys?

No… everyone will be here, even after they leave. Tesni will still be in my heart as well as everybody else. They will always be in my heart.

Life was great. I sat in anxiousness, it was cold, but I ignored that. The snow pattered down on the ground as I awaited Tesni’s arrival. Osin (pronounced like ocean) bounced around my feet as I petted his soft head.  Dylan had gone to the airport to bring him to me, and I was oh so excited. He had said he had an early Christmas present for me, and I couldn’t help but wonder what it was. I decided to go take a shower, because it was still an hour before They got here. I let the hot water flow over me. I had grown a lot taller. I was now 5.8, but a lot of the boys were still waaay taller than me. Tesni was 6.1 while Dylan was 6.3. I got out of the shower and examined the person that stared back at me in the mirror. 3 years ago, it was a short scrawny boy with ghostly skin and dark circles under my eyes. My face always busted up, and my hair a mess. Now sat a perfectly groomed boy. I was still very feminine, hell, if I put on a dress I look like a girl. Most girls were jealous of me even. I had very nice yet healthy thin legs. My waist did a nice curve to where it wasn’t so girly but to a point as I looked good. My dark circles had faded, and my skin grew a bit darker. More like it has a healthy glow, but is still light, thanks to Tesni and everyone taking me down to Italy for a bit. My hair was a beautiful blonde, but still looked like its platinum blonde. My green eyes only grew brighter, and I had a beautiful white smile if I do say so myself. My few freckles I had on my nose stood out a bit more, and all in all, I was freaking hot.

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