my everything by slashashdotcom
my everythingby slashashdotcom
basically whatever thoughts I have. can be song lyrics,poetry or just thoughts.
  • trigger
  • weird
  • random
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The Family by yoonministheshit
The Familyby yoonministheshit
This book is about the life of 12 year old Lara
  • selfharm
  • aliah
  • brad
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Game OF  Love by blackstreetboys
Game OF Loveby shawn Mendez
Hindi Lahat ng Lalaki makukuha mo at mapaglaruan ... Hindi mo alam may meron pang lalaki ang hihigit sa ginagawa mong kalukohan at mahuhulog kanalang sa bitag ng kany...
  • badboy
  • boyhunting
  • playergirl
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Vents by prickherfinger
Ventsby p r i c k h e r
  • trigger
  • sad
  • vent
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Abused Luna by RaexSheffield
Abused Lunaby Strawberryluvxx
A story about a muted girl named Stormy she's a werewolf and is abused physically, verbally, and mentally by her father no one knows bout her family being abusive. Stor...
  • mute
  • warning
  • lovable
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The Bad Couple  by xxacisseJxx
The Bad Couple by xxacisseJxx
THE BAD COUPLE STARTED: 4/2/18 FINISHED: --- ________________________ Jackson North and Ava Thompson With such...
  • gangs
  • relationship
  • girlxboy
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Ask Magicalsworld  by Magicalgamelover
Ask Magicalsworld by ~Magical~
New au you can ask
  • magical
  • warning
  • ewtom
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Game of Thrones with my OC by MooseSquirrel_kaz2y5
Game of Thrones with my OCby MooseSquirrel_kaz2y5
Travel through the world of GOT with my oc and other well known characters mostly from the show but the way that I wanted the original story to go so if don't like it d...
  • mature
  • suicide
  • warning
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The Concept of Breathing Normally by Treshkie
The Concept of Breathing Normallyby Treshkie
A concept/ short story book filled to the brim with figurative language and references. Can't promise frequent updates. May be triggering.
  • may
  • triggering
  • warning
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Emma by phillzania11
Emmaby phillzania11
Getting married to a rich guy can have its advantages but what happens when the disadvantages are leading.From office clerk to one of the most wanted women in the world.
  • warning
SHIVERS by _ILuvPineapples_
SHIVERSby _Xchan_
You send shivers down my spine. You send shivers on my way. You send shivers from your eyes. Yet why cant you tell that im actually hurting inside?
  • ff
  • magic
  • xchan
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Opinions by King_Noctis
Opinionsby Savage
They may or may not be popular. People are probably going to fight me now that I made this.
  • opinions
  • ideas
  • warning
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Pet H0use  by chanellbaby
Pet H0use by chanellbaby
It's about her fathers friend hating her father for always being on top since they were little.So he sends rilley to go rape he he doesn't want to so the sends some othe...
  • lover
  • queen
  • hood
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Covers  by Grey_Jedi_Knight
Covers by E.T Morris
Hey what a beautiful day to make covers for amazing stories
  • help
  • covers
  • aways
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Sexy stuff by asher1231
Sexy stuffby asher1231
Um so this story is about heard sex you were warned
  • sex-slave
  • sexy
  • love
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Emotactics by Daurdorre
Emotacticsby Kenya
The Red Door is what their hideout codename. The hideout of a group of teens who are mostly misunderstood.
  • beginning
  • trash
  • tell
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Melancholia ~Tomtord~ by penSchild
Melancholia ~Tomtord~by ღ dr1nk ch1ld ღ
There's a time that some people get this common disorder Tord was one of those people who got it. Edd, Matt, and Tom don't see it at first but slowly they did Warnings:...
  • melancholia
  • tomtord
  • warning
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A Book of Feelings by KD-Alchemy
A Book of Feelingsby KD-Alchemy
This is a book of short stories I've written that are based off of how I've been feeling. It goes through feelings of depression, happiness, and it goes on. Currently (...
  • depression
  • selfhatred
  • feelings
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The Jar of Reasons by All_of_them
The Jar of Reasonsby All of Them
Experience the life of this 13 year old named Eesha. On 21st April, She buys Her Mother a cookie jar and fills it with little chits. Each chit has 1 reason, why she love...
  • warning
  • theend
  • cookie
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