Chapter 24

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Chapter 24                                                                                              

It was that honey moon stage of love. But it felt even better. I was so in love with Tesni, I thought I was going to burst, I thought that love wasn’t something that could change a person’s life, or they would get hurt in the end… but this was different, this was the love that only people in fairy tells feel.

 The whole world seemed so dark, until Tesni stepped in and saved me from myself. Now the world is wrapped in an embracing light, and everything was fluffy and pink.  My heart was so full of Tesni, everything else seemed pointless. That’s was until we went back to England. Only more happiness awaited for me.

 I was greeted by Charlotte and Dylan, both happy to see me, but unwary of the news I that was bursting to tell them.  It was February when we got back to England. We decided we wanted to stay in France a bit longer; actually we went all over Europe, to Germany, Poland, Russia, and all of Scandinavia.

And now since it was the official month of love, I was head over heels for Tesni.

When we arrived back at the school, the start of the semester was delayed for unknown reasons, so we weren’t starting back in school for another 3 weeks. It was nice because I wouldn’t have to cram any make up work while loving on Tesni.

When I stepped foot in the apartment, my little corgi was all over me, licking me and nipping at my hair. I had missed him so much, I had missed everyone. It was nice living a life like this.

I didn’t want to lose it either. I would rather die. I’m not going to give this life up, not even for my own. No one could know the feeling of true happiness unless they have experienced it for themselves. Being wrapped in that eternal warmth, it’s like having an electric blanket cover you in the winter. Protecting you from the cold, or in this case: the cruelty of the world.

There isn’t anything in the world that could compare to the feeling of being loved. Which in the beginning of my story, it was something I had never had… I was always treated poorly, and I only had one friend, he was an unfaithful friend at that, I lived in a gutter, being bullied every day, and having no one too come home too with open arms.

 When I think about it, I have my dad too thank for this, He sent me away to my grandmothers, and she sent me here. Here too these wonderful places were I’ve made lots of friends, and I’ve found my one true love.

It all started with that one day… the rainy day were I met Rich… I have him to thank too, he got me this far… so I forgive him for everything. Everybody ended up happy in the end, and above all odds, I ended up the happiest.

How did I, a small scrawny good for nothing boy, end up as something so precious to so many people. I don’t want this to end… I wish I could live forever in this state. A state of true happiness,.

I couldn’t express my love for life anymore. I couldn’t tell anyone how I feel, because it’s impossible for them to understand my words, but they need to feel this great feeling too, and I hope everyone can achieve this, Because it’s a great feeling. It makes you feel happy about life, and you can’t think of anyone you hate.

The feeling of Tesni around me just feels so right, surrounded by my beautiful friends who introduced me to him, and the people who led me to this life. And in that moment, I realized what Rich was actually trying to do when he did all those awful things to me… and I hope he knows that his goal was achieved.

If I should ever loose myself, I know I can be strong through that time, and this life, it’s worth fighting for, now that my life has purpose… I feel so… complete.

I hope that others will be able to hear my story on how I accomplished the impossible, a small town boy like me, a nobody, was able to accomplish something few people can do.

And through all this time, my stars above my head guided me and protected me through hard times. Sometimes love is sweet, and other times, it abusive. But its love… and….

It’s like nothing I’ve ever known.

AN- :( so sad.... dont get too excited i still have one more chapter, so get mentally prepared, i just wanted Jesse to have his little love speech because i wasnt going to be able to have it in the last chapter, i enjoyed writing this for you guys and its been a plessure having you read it! well here my inner turmoil for a year now, and im excited that its almost finished! Thnx vote and comment!

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