Chapter 10

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An- WARNING THIS CONTAINS SEX (gay at that) AND IF YOU DO NOT LIKE DO NOT READ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Chapter 10

His hard cock rubbed against my prostate as I let out a shriek. Memories of when I was raped filled my head. It hurt, but it felt so good at the same time. I tried to let the pleasure overcome me, but the thought of getting raped was grinding in the front of my mind. I let out a loud gasp as he went in further.

“T-Tucker~!” I gasped.

Your probably wondering how I got into this situation. Well let me explain. Let’s go all the way back to when I left the air port.

When we got into the car, I felt sick all over again. What the hell was I doing? I’m just getting in a cab with a foreign stranger, in a foreign country! I must have lost my mind, but Tucker was rather sexy. I unconsciously licked my lips, and hadn’t noticed myself staring into his green eyes before he planted a kiss on my lips.

Everything got away from me in an instant. I had forgotten about home, or why I was here. I had even forgotten about Rich… and that was when I pushed him away.

“WH-what are you doing!?’ I screeched.

“What? I saw the way you were looking at me.”

I slumped down in the leather seat. “That doesn’t mean anything.”

“I saw the look in your eyes.”

“I don’t love you okay? Maybe I like you just a little bit as a friend, but I just got here! I only met you 30 minutes ago! And you’re already hitting on me!”

“That’s not what I meant.”

I sat back up, regretting letting those words slip my tongue. “W-what did you see then?”

“I saw the eyes of someone who has rarely seen love.”

He was obviously a mind reader. “Oh really?”

“Mhm. I’m assuming you left America because you had nothing to leave behind?”

That at one point was true, until I was with Rich. Before I told him I wouldn’t leave him… but I did, I did leave him… and now he’s with that awful man…

I hadn’t noticed the tears swelling in my eyes before one escaped. I quickly coped and straightened up. “Haha, you must be a mind reader.”

“Eh, I guess I’m pretty lucky.”

“Haha, I like that.”




“Yeah, I think I’m going to start calling you that.”


“Haha okay Lucky!”

“Haha Okay fatty American.”

I shot him a glare. “Don’t push it cabbage breath.” I laughed.

He took me many places. We went all over London, and it was truly magnificent. I saw the Big Ben, and the palace and even other things, like the beautiful architecture.

I bit into a sandwich, absorbing all that happened that day. I wasn’t scared or worried anymore, I felt alright. Actually, I felt better than I had since I was last with Rich.

He offered Tea and crumpets for lunch, but I just wanted a sandwich (plus he was being sarcastic). He stared at me while I took the last bit of the ham sandwich I had.

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