Larmla Highschool

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Frisk POV

I stood in front of the school, clutching onto my backpack straps. Just looking at it made me shiver.

The school was huge! It was a a white concrete building with three spiral towers, making it look castle like. A giant clock was on the top of the middle tower, the tallest one.

A beautiful brick walkway led up to the schools main entrance, which where two blue doors, a large window placed on each doors front.

Windows scattered across the facinities walls, each leading to an open area and/or classroom.

For normal kids it looked like a nice little school, but from my personal experiences and old family sitcoms, I saw it as a death trap.

To be honest, when Toriel set up this plan, I was terrified. Exited to learn about new things, but terrified at what people would think about me.

"Why isn't Asriel coming with us?" I asked her as we walked towards the car. "I'm home schooling him, since they won't let him into your school! For some reason..." The last part seemed menacing, so I didn't push for anymore questions.

Not only that, but we were told to wear uniforms. UNIFORMS!

I was very surprised when the principle of the school have them to us.

"What is this for?" Cory had asked inquisitively. I looked back at the principle, waiting for her response. "Why, your uniforms of course!" She said cheerfully, giving us a large smile.

I smiled back, actually liking how they looked.

I was given a light lace blue top, sleeves going down right before me wrists, and popping up a bit at the seam. The collar of the shirt popped out wit ha small plad bow placed in the middle.

Something to be placed over the jacket, was a small black vets with a plaster of the school's logo on the right breast plate. Going down even further, I was given a long black skirt that went down right just before my knees, and simple black shoes that were very uncomfortable mind you.

And finally, I was given a light blue belt the pull of the look, and was told that I could add anything I would like to the mix.

Taking the opportunity, I put a black bow in my hair, and long black kitty cat socks to make it look cute.

But what really made my mouth drop, was what Cory was given

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But what really made my mouth drop, was what Cory was given.

Cory's outfit was a white long sleeved shirt that went down to his wrists, and yellow tie wrapped loosely around his neck. He wore black patted pants that were barely wrinkled, and a dark blue jacket that went over the shirt, logo still in place.

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