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Newscapepro oneshots! by BabySansAU
Newscapepro oneshots!by sketchingtrash
just as the title says (◍•ᴗ•◍)💕💘🖤💌💟❣️❤️💓♥️💞💕💘✨♥️🤍💗✨💞❣️💌💕
I'll always protect you| An Undertale Corisk story (Discontinued) by Eliin_E
I'll always protect you| An Eliin✨
( under editing) Cory's depressed and he's trying to hide it from his friends because he don't want them to worry about him. Frisk is Cory's best friend, they have known...
A Soul So Broken by 13_Kitty_Love
A Soul So Brokenby 13_Kitty_Love
This is based of NewScapePro's Undertale Role play again. This time its showing what I think would happen after the True Pacifest ending and my opinions. Have fun! Bye!
Never Letting Go (#Corisk) by FobbyBlayy
Never Letting Go (#Corisk)by FobbyBlayy
Cory and Frisk have been friends since they were really small kids. One day, Cory takes Frisk on top of a mountain to check out a legendary view. Little do they know...
✰Choices✰Corisk ✰ by ThatOneWerewolf
✰Choices✰Corisk ✰by Sin-namon Roll
Corisk Fanfiction! ✰✰✰✰ From the very start, my way, my rules, not hate aloud! It's a well-grammar, so you can read easily unlike some ^.^ (Cover is NOT my art, credit t...
What Even Is This? by sd06212
What Even Is This?by Aria Luna Pheonix
A random story I'm making to fill with whatever random crap I find interesting. I don't expect this to even be noticed, but who cares? And don't ask me to update, I'll d...
only one who keeps me sane | corisk ff by Sopheriaaa
only one who keeps me sane | 𝓡𝓲𝓪 ☔️💦
[COMPLETED] GOING TO BE REWRITTEN! (Trying to make this sound good lol I wrote this last year) Also like... I suck at sticking to the script and stuff... so sorry if it'...
Corisk §Sorry§  by RICHAELb
Corisk §Sorry§ by RICHAELb
Frisk found Cory fighting Papyrus she soon found Cory fighting HER!! But she loved does she fight back??YOULL HAVE TO FIND OUT IN MY NEW BOOK SORRY!!
Corette and Frisk's Underground adventures by MayatheSkeleton
Corette and Frisk's Underground MayatheSkeleton
Through their whole life Corette and Frisk have always been friends. Corette or Cory the daring, devious dirty blonde with a secret + a soft spot for dogs and Sheldon or...
You and your stupid face - Corby AU by Noeludh
You and your stupid face - Corby AUby Del the awkward author
Cory is a well known singer and actor but someone starts stealing his fans. Next thing he knows he's fighting to get to the top of the charts and win awards that once ca...
Minecraft Undertale Season 2 (Newscapepro) by LunaDragonWinchester
Minecraft Undertale Season 2 ( Luna Winchester
Its been a year since Corys death and when Frisk returned to the surface. Frisk returns to the Ruins after falling into a hole in the same mountain because of an Earthqu...
A Corrisk Fanfic: Mountain Helps Love Blooms by ThatGenderFluidKid
A Corrisk Fanfic: Mountain Helps I’m _Writing_Online
Cory and frisk have know each other for a long time but will their relationship be ruined when they fall into the underground or will their relationship grow. Any art us...
On the surface ||Book2|| (Completed) by venluca
On the surface ||Book2|| ( why
If you haven't read book one yet read it or this won't make sense so READ BOOK ONE FIRST!!!!!! btw art not mine ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
Staring into the eyes of darkness (A Corisk fanfic) -HIATUS- by charaplayzpiano
Staring into the eyes of charaplayzpiano
This isn't my OTP anymore, and I've kinda grown out of it a bit. So... updates will be even more sparse. Sorry.