The Aftermath

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Ok, I'm trying somethings little different this time, I'm gonna be in a strange POV everyone in a while, (AKA background characters) hopefully you guys don't hate me for it.
Veronica POV

Earlier today I was eating pancakes and watching my favorite TV when the news interrupted my channel.

"JUST LET ME WATCH MY STEVEN U!!!" I had yelled frantically. I glared angrily at the TV, but soon my face turned to horror of what I just saw.

There were three dead bodies, all three of them had slit throats and the one with the blue hair had a stab wound in his abdomen.

"Kirt Wallis, Fray Turner, and Greg Liken's bodies were all found at the scene of the crime." The reporter began. "Our ground reporters did some interviews in a nearby restaurant. But when we tried to interview them, they would leave the premise and say: 'I'm not supposed to tell you, it is a political matter.'"

Before the reporter could continue, he was given a new sheet of paper.

"Hold on... Just in, one of the waitresses of the nearby restaurant, said that a boy covered in blood had came to their restaurant, asking for help for his injured friend, who in her words were: 'an innocent red head.' When pushed further, she denied all questions."

I stopped eating my cereal, and thought for a moment.

Boy covered in blood, political matter, and an innocent red head.... OH MY QUIZNACK!!!

I got up and got dressed, grabbing a small polar bear plush, and driving straight to their address.

When I had got there, I grabbed the bear plush and got out of the car. Once at the front door I nocked quietly, only to have a fish lady open it up for me.

"Ya, punk?"

"UNDYNE!!" I screeched shaking her hand aggressively.

"Oh hey kid!" She said excitedly. "Veronica, was it?" I nodded my head. "Yes ma'am!"

She laughed and then looked back at me with a confused face. "Why are you here exactly?"

My eyes darkened. Looking down at the ground, I said, "There was news that a boy ran inside a restaurant late at night, asking for help for an 'innocent red head.'" I used quotation marks for the last part.

"Later on investigation, they found three dead bodies... All murdered ruthlessly."

Undyne's eyes widened, then calmed a bit.

"I know,"
"Ya," She said calmly.
The former Royalguard walked over to the kitchen and took out two small cups, pouring tea in both of them.

"Cory killed them." I stared at her in shock as she gave me a tea cup.

I had a feeling that Cory had killed them, but I didn't think that someone like Undyne to be.... Just... Okay with it!

"A-and you're o-okay with that?" I stammered, looking up at her.

She took a sip out of her cup. "No, I'm not okay with it, but he was protecting Frisk." She looked out the giant window, her eyes distant.

I looked down into the tea that Undyne had gave me. I took a sip and immediately regretted my decision. It was very bitter, and I could barely see through it. The only thing remotely interesting about the tea was the bright gold butter cup inside of it.

Long story short, I wasn't a fan.

"If you don't mind me asking..." I began, eyes averting hers. "What was Cory protecting her from?"

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