The Body Guard

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Hey guys! Ink here! Ya I know it has mostly only been Frisk's POV but It will change soon, so don't worry!
Frisk POV

I stared at Toriel In astonishment.

"W-what? Me? B-but I'm not good at politics! And I'm not assertive enough! I c-can't, I won't be good at it, I-" Toriel cut me off.

"Child, the reason I asked you is because you and Cory were the only two humans who ever fell down here and survived. You also freed us, so it makes sense that oh would represent us." She smiled. "Plus I can help you with politics, I am a queen after all!"

I giggled at that because Toriel put her hand on her chest and stuck up her snout in the air snootily.

"Ok, Toriel I'll do it-" "Wait just a moment!" A gruff voice interrupted me.
I looked over to see... "Cory!?" I yelled. I watched as the blonde stood there, watching us, his arms crossed.

Toriel looked at Cory and smiled sweetly. "Why hello my child! I was just asking frisk to-" He whipped his head around. "Don't 'Child' me, Toriel!" He spat. This made her flinch.

I sat up. "CORY! What was THAT for!?!?" I yelled angrily.

"Frisk-," he said more calmly. "No! Don't 'Frisk' me, Cory!" I spat out his name, closing my eyes in anger.  "You just hurt mom's feelings! You can't hurt her like that! She-!" I was cut off when I felt something touch my lips.

Wait... I blushed. Was he... KISSING ME!?

I felt my face heat up as I opened my eyes slowly, revealing Cory's index finger over my lips, as if telling me to shut up. To be honest... I felt a little disappointed.... NO! CORY = FRIEND!

He looked at me with calm and steady eyes. "Frisk," he said calmly, making me blush. "Y-yes, Cory?" "I never said 'no' to the ambassador position Toriel offered." My eyes widened. He continued. "It's your life, you get to choose what you wanna do, and who you wanna be with." He looked off into the distance, his eyes averting mine. "Did you know that ambassadors are targeted by assassins?" I shook my head no, trying to stay calm from our close contact.

"Well they are, and because of that, no one wants to be one, do you understand frisk?" He looked at me with serious eyes, I thought I saw a glint of grief in his eyes. "You could die."

I didn't think it was possible, but my eyes widened even more.

We stood there in silence for a moment, and I swear I could hear Toriel taking pictures.

Finally he said something.

"Let me be your Body guard," I lifted one of my eye brows. "My what?" I thought I saw him blush a bit. "Your body guard. A secret one though, let's say someone wanted to assassinate you, I would be near you and stop them." The wind Ruffles his hair, making him look pretty hot.

I really gotta stop doing that.

I thought for a moment, then got an idea.

"HHHHHHMMMMMMM!!!" I said playfully. "LET MEH THENK!!" I put my hand up to my chin, pulling away from his hand. I turned away from him, feeling my face heat up a bit.

I turned back to him. "Ya sure, I'll let it slide." I gave Cory a sly smile and he smirked, while rolling his eyes, mind you.

Suddenly Toriel's voice interrupted our little talk. "Ok, so I know you are getting all cutesie wootsie with each other but we gotta catch up with the others!" My face turned 500 shades of pink at this comment.

I looked at Cory who seemed to be on the edge of collapsing in embarrassment.

I giggled, took Toriels hand, and followed her towards the humans.
Next chapter will be Cory's POV!! 😊

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