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Ok guys, I know this is kinda dragging on for a while but it'll change soon! Also... I kinda don't know what to right for the next chapter so... Comment ideas for me in the comments and I'll see what I can do with them, ONTO LE STORY!
Frisk POV

"May Frisk Dremurr come to the stage please?"

I sat there, shocked. Why did Principle Miller call me to the stage? Did I do something wrong? What does she want from me?

"Frisk Dremurr?" She called out. When no one answered she turned to a woman who was standing off to the side.

"Is Frisk Dremurr here today?" The woman whispered something into the principles ear, then walked back stage.
"Oh... Well if she isn't here today we can continue on with the-" "SHE'S RIGHT HERE!"

I felt someone grab my arm and flail it around aimlessly, causing everyone to stare at me and the person. I looked to my left to see Veronica holding my arm.

"Veronica?! What are you doing?" I whisper yelled to her.

"Getting your ass up there!" She retorted. "SHE'S THE RED HEAD RIGHT HERE! OH, AND HERE'S HER BOYFRIEND!"

"WE'RE NOT DATING!" Me and Cory yelled in unison, causing everyone to laugh, and Veronica to shrug. I thought I heard Cory say something under his breath, but I brushed it off.

Principle Miller just smiled and motioned me to get my ass on stage with her. I obliged and got out of my seat, shaking slightly as I made my way to the stage.

Once I got on stage, I could feel their gazes burning into me. Their glares piercing my soul and spreading around my mind like wild-fire.

It took my all my strength to not pass out.

"This is Frisk Dremurr," Principle Miller began. "She is the ambassador to Monsters and I advise you treat her as you would me." The older woman gave the students a death glare and almost all of them shivered.

"She is a woman of political matter so it was essential for me to make such a big announcement." She stated simply. "Also, she had a comrade that should also be treated with respect for his close friendship with her."

I felt my face heat up, for I knew who she was talking about.

"May Cory Crater please come to the stage please?" I could hear a quiet sigh as I saw the muscular boy I knew all too well, stand up from his seat and started walking to the stage.

I looked around the audience and saw a bunch of the girls 'OOOoo'-ing and 'AAaw'-ing. I growled under my throat slightly which caused Principle Miller to give me a sly smirk.

Once Cory made it on stage, Principle Miller started to talk again.

"I expect you treat these two equally like any other student though still have respect for them. It might be hard, but we need to do this with the best of our ability! Now..." She clapped her hands together. "GET BACK TO CLASS!"

And with that, the students rushed out of the Auditorium, chatting about random things like, Lunch, and what they'll do after school.

Strange... And yet I felt safe. Or so I thought.

Cory jumped off the stage platform and helped me down as well. Once we were off the stage I took out my schedule for the year and looked intently at it.


1: Literature
2: Math 1
3: Science 2
4: Gym
LUNCH! (A/N the best time)
5: Chemistry
6: Art
7: Selective Language (Frisk chose Spanish)
8: History

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