The New Role

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Cory POV

I trailed behind Toriel and frisk who were holding hands. I thought back to what I had just suggested. Me? Being Frisk's body guard? WHAT WAS I THINKING!?

To be honest, the whole reason I suggested it was to get closer to her, to hold her in my arms, to feel her warmth... But now I have to do the thing she looks down upon, the thing she despises more than anything else in the world, I'll have to kill to protect her.

I know I know, I promised not too, but if she is going to go through with this whole "ambassador" thing, I'll have to go through with my role as well.

Suddenly snapping out of my thoughts, I realized I was looking at her swaying hips and blushed. I looked away in a hurry, not wanting her to see me staring at her... Behind.

Suddenly she looked over her shoulder at me, giving me that beautiful, jaw dropping, smile.

I smiled back to be polite, but really I was screaming my heart out on the inside. Things like, I wanna hold you, I wanna love you, I wanna feed you chocolate cake! She loves chocolate cake... And I wanna- Ok, I need to calm down!

I put my hands in my pockets, my right hand resting on the knife that I was going to use to fight Asgore. I looked over to see frisk still had her stick firmly gripped in her left hand, as if waiting for an assassin to come out and kill her. Uh oh...

I walked up to her putting my hand on her shoulder. She jumped at the sudden contact.

I gave her a reassuring smile and she seemed to get the gist.

"I'm sorry if I scared you about the whole assassin thing." I whispered. "Don't worry about it!" She whispered back cheerfully. "I'm just exited to help everyone!" She smiled at me, but I could tell it was fake. I looked into her eyes and I could tell that she was scared.

Suddenly, I hugged her. I didn't know what else to do. I just... Hugged her. She stopped, looking at me weirdly. "C-Cory?" She stammered. I just stood there, unable to move.

"I'll you you two alone." Toriel said after whispering something in Frisk's ear.

After Toriel left I said, "I'm always here for you Frisk, you can tell me whatever is wrong." I could feel frisks arms rap around me, pulling me deeper into the hug, I could feel a drop of rain fall on my head and looked up to see that frisk was crying.

"Hey, hey, hey," I said softly, sitting up and whiping her tears away. "You can tell me," I gave her my best encouraging smile I could think of, which wasn't very good mind you, but it was better than nothing. She smiled back then looked down at her feet.

"Do you remember her?"

I tilted my head to one side. "Her?"
"My sister," Frisk corrected, whiping some remaining tears off her face.

"She lived at our old orphanage remember? We all used to play together... And before you brought me up that mountain, I promised her I would come back in time for dinner..." She erupted into tears. "BUT I NEVER CAME BACK!!"

I let her lean into my shoulder as she cried. Letting her get all of her feelings out. "It'll be okay Frisk," I said softly. "It'll be okay." We just stood there for a bit, letting the world slowly disappear around us... That is, until we were interrupted by a scream.

We pulled apart and looked at each other in horror. "That sounded like Toriel!" Frisk said, clearly panicked.

I looked in the direction we're the scream came from, my face full of DETERMINATION.

I looked at frisk, determined. "Let's go."

Time Skip!

Frisk and I darted through the woods. Twisting and turning through the trees and vines. On the way there Frisk tripped and lost her balance. I helped her up and kept moving.

Finally we found our way to where the scream took place. It was in what looked like a park. You know, one of those picnic places. A giant statue of a guy on a horse was in the middle of the square and just off to the left of it was a couple pointing at... "Papyrus..." Frisk breathed.

I nodded solemnly. "Let's go." Frisk nodded and we both ran towards the panicked couple. (Did I mention that there were other families there? Oops)

I stood in between the horrified couple hands out stretched, protecting as much of papyrus as I could.

As I did this I could here frisk talking to Papyrus in a nervous tone. "Are you okay, Papyrus?" She asked nervously. "Y-yeah, the g-great papyrus I-is fine. But..." He stopped mid sentence. "But...?" Frisk edged him on, trying to get the whole story.

I rolled my eyes, still staring at the terrified couples that were now backing away from us.

"Just tell us what happened, Papyrus!" He gulped at my sudden switch in tone, and frisk just glared at me. Ya I know, you are all probably mad at me, but we needed to speed up the situation! At this rate the cops would come and try to shoot him down. Cause that's what humans do. We kill.

"O-okay..." Papyrus stammered. "I had walked through the bushes to find this place, b-but when I had started t-to introduce m-my s-self, they screamed a-and ran from me, I-I don't under s-stand!" It looked like Papyrus was on the edge of tears.

Frisk hugged him, earning soft gasps from the gathering crowd. Suddenly I heard them.


"Frisk, you have to get Papyrus out of here," I looked over at Frisk, my eyes full of urgency. "NOW!"

She nodded, a worried look on her face. She helped papyrus up, (who was sitting on the ground) and started to run out into the trees.

Once I made sure I couldn't sense their souls anymore, I looked back at the Police men/women coming out of their cars, guns out.

"After them!" One of them yelled running towards the forest where frisk went off too.


You want to protect her,


Let me help you, and this time... I mean it...

Just this once...

Cory then let Chara take control.

"I'll keep my word Cory," She said. "I promise." She turned Cory's lenses red and, faster than the speed of sound, she stood in front of the police, knife in hand.

"You won't touch Frisk," They said in unison. "For as long as WE LIVE!!"

Frisk POV

I looked over my shoulder as I heard gunshots in the distance. I let the tears flow freely as I headed towards the others. Toriel gave me instructions on where to find them if me and Cory ever got lost... And right now... I need there help.

I grit my teeth.

Please, Cory. Hurry...


Another Cory POV!!!

I know, I'm a crappy writer.

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