The First Sunset

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Frisks POV

I watched in glee as we made our way up the hill. My scarlet hair waving in the wind.

Hi, My name is Frisk Dremurr. Newly adopted daughter of Toriel Dremurr and new Princess of the underground. I'm 16 and have a 'nack' of showing kindness and mercy to people, at least that's what Sans says.

I looked around at the friends that I held so dearly to my heart, as they ran excitedly towards freedom.

Monster kid and the scarf mouse ran around the tunnel, kicking up dust and laughing hysterically. My heart warmed at their childish banter, it almost reminded me when I played with-Suddenly a low voice interrupted my thoughts.

"Now, now guys, don't get too riled up! Don't want to scare the humans now do we?" I looked over to see a certain camera face boy who I oh so hopelessly had a crush on, Cory Crater.

He had pale skin that had a slight tan to it, which he covered over with a lime green sweater that he surprisingly never got hot in.

Never that he wasn't hot already...

His short, sandy colored hair, whipped through the air, being violently pushed by the upcoming wind. His camera covered his whole face (not including his nose, mouth, and ears) making him look super serious. And finally, his chest, oh HO, don't get me even STARTED on dose abs!

"We won't get 'riled up' Cory!" Monster kid said childishly, snapping my attention out of Cory land.

"Ya!" Scarf mouse squeaked. "We're just exited!" Cory rolled his eyes, well... Eye. He put his hands in his pockets. "Ya, sure, and Alphys isn't into anime."

Monster kid tilted his head. "But she is into anime!" Cory took his right hand out of his pocket.

"No, monster kid it's called Sarcasim! Haven't you ever heard of it? Oh wait no you were in the underground so I guess not? Wait but maybe?..." I giggled as he started to ramble, trying to rap his head around the idea of monsters not knowing sarcasm.

I walked over to them, Cory not noticing my presence.

I tapped his shoulder lightly, making him jump. He looked at me and blushes slightly. "Oh! Hi frisk!" I smiled lightly at his flushed face. I loved that flushed face, it showed that he cared for me more than he could ever say... Not that I know anything about his feelings! I guess I just hope...

"-isk? Frisk? Frisk! FRISK!" I suddenly felt his strong hands on my shoulders, shaking me violently. Sometimes I wish he could take those strong hands grab me by the waist lean in and- WHOA! BAD FRISK! "It's okay Cory, I-I'm ok!" He lifts an eye brow at me. "Are you sure? You've been doing this a lot. I'll go tell Toriel to get you some medicine." "No Cory I'm not-" and with that he walked off, leaving me alone.

"Sick..." I rested my head in my hand, feeling my face heat up. Suddenly I felt Alphys's presence behind me.

"You were in Cory land weren't ya?" Alphys asked. I sighed dreamily. "Ya..."

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