The Question

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Frisk POV

I trenched up the mountain, being teased by monster kid and Alphys about my crush on the way there.

I let out a sigh of relief as I saw sunlight at the end of the tunnel.

Finally! I breathed. As I started to walk again towards the sunlight I looked over my shoulder at the other monsters who just... Stood there?

"Come on guys! What are you waiting for?" I gave them an encouraging smile, hoping to encourage them to keep on moving forward. But non of them moved.

Except one.

I looked over to see Sans, who was trudging up to me lazily with a look of determination in his eye sockets. He gave me his we'll known toothy grin and I nodded my head, realizing what he was saying.

He turned to look at all of the monsters, still showing off his goofy grin. "Frisk, Papyrus, Asgore, Toriel, Alphys, Undyne, and I, will go up to the top of the mountain. So that way we can come and get you when it's safe." Undyne, who was hidden in the crowd somewhere, jumped up in excitement, screaming "NYAAAAAAA!" as she ran up to Sans and frisk. Toriel soon followed, followed by Papyrus, Asgore, and Alphys.

"Why can't I go, Darling!" Mettaton asked from the crowd, his leg clearly sticking up in the air. I giggled as papyrus's jaw dropped (literally) and sans looked at Mettaton with his glowing eye. "Sorry Mettaton!" I yelled out to him, hands cupped to my face. "You would be just too FABULOUS for the other humans to handle!"

Mettaton gasped in flattery, he then put his hands into mini hand guns, pointing them at me. "You know it, Darling!" I giggled, giving him the 'no! Stop it!' Face that he taught me and Cory.

Mettaton POV

I taught her well.

Frisk POV

After Mettaton's FABULOUS disruption, I looked over at the others and lead the way to the surface.


I watched my newly found friends eyes widen at the upcoming sun rise. To be honest, I wouldn't blame them. We looked out on a sand filled beach, light reflecting off the sand, cascading up to our view. The ocean behind it was a turquoise color and had also reflected the brilliant light, making the sky look golden. And finally on either side of the sunset there were city's and brilliant forests all around. I smiled at the amazing sight.

"So this is it," Asgore said in awe. "The surface." Toriel, who was on the left of him, glared, but then nodded solemnly. "I-I never t-though it would be t-this beautiful!" Alphys stuttered, adjusting her glasses . "NYA!! THE SURFACE IS SO COOOOOOOL!!!" Undyne screeched.

"Do what do we do now?" Sans asked me. I opened my mouth to say something, but before I could, Papyrus cut me off.

"I'll go greet the humans!!!" Papyrus boasted happily. He pointed his pointer finger up at the sky. "For I, the GRRRRRRRRREAT Papyrus, will be the first impression on the humans!! NYEHEHEHEHE!!!" He laughed before running down the mountain, kicking up dust behind him.

I giggled, imagining Cory gawking in amazement if he saw Papyrus do that.

Cory... I blushed slightly.

I looked over at Alphys who wiggled her eye brows at me, making me playfully elbow her in response.

Sans, who either didn't notice my blush, or didn't care, shrugged and gave his normal toothy grin. "Oh well, someone's gotta go after him." He then turned around and walked the opposite way back into the tunnel.

Undyne gawked in disbelief at his laziness. "SERIOUSLY SANS!? Ugh!!" She did a face palm and summoned her spears. "Fine I'll go after papyrus myself!" She stormed off, Alphys trailing behind her.

Only Asgore, Toriel, and I were left.

Toriel glared at Asgore. "Well? Aren't you gonna do something?!" She lifted an eyebrow at him. Asgore, who was startled by her, nodded and yelled "YES MA'AM!" Before running off.

I giggled as Toriel sighed.

"He only wants to impress you," I said sweetly. Toriel sighed again. "I know... But he lost that privilege a long time ago." She looked up at the rising sun.

"Child," "hmm?" "Will you stay with us?" My eyes widened at the question. "I know you probably have a family," Toriel continued. "And I thought you'd might want to live out your life away from us a-and," a tear went down Toriels check. "And your mother is probably worried sick about y-you and,"

I took her hand in mine. "Toriel, my mother has been dead for years." Her eyes widened. "She sent me to live in an orphanage were I met Cory and we conjured up enough money to go to school." I continued, although it was a sad that my mom died, I wasn't sad. After all, I met Cory and the others didn't I?

"So yes," I said, filled with DETERMINATION, "I will stay with you." Toriel whipped her eyes, giving me a loving smile. "I promise, I will protect you and Cory to the best of my ability!" I smiled at that thought.

I finally found my family!

"Oh and I have one more thing to ask of you child," I looked back up at Toriel. "What is it, mom?"

Toriel took a deep breath then stared at me intently.

"Frisk, will you be the ambassador of humans and monsters?"

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