School Tour

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Frisk POV

I ran after Cory and Veronica, my skirt threatening to fly up as I ran. I passed by a few people in the halls, trying not to bump into anyone, and silently hoping that if I did, it would be Cory.

I might have accidentally, sorta, maybe gotten lost.

Lost in my thoughts, I felt my body run into something hard.

It wasn't a wall... Was it a locker? No, lockers that had those mini seeing slits. I used my hand to feel above me, it felt somewhat... Smooth. Although it wasn't metal smooth, it felt like skin. Wait... SKIN!?!?

I pushed myself away from the unidentified person and clutched my hand.

Looking at the person I noticed that it was a male student, who looked about 18. He had dark brown hair that spiked up at the top of the head and his tan skin complimented the blue uniform he wore. His blue eyes were cold and could pierce your soul like ice. (Is that you Kiba?)

"I-I'm sorry!" I apologized, waving my hands at him.

He just stared at my for a moment, his blue eyes seeming to burn into my memory.

Which is something that I did not want to happen.

He slowly put his hand up to his cheek, (which I assume is where I touched him) and ran it over the spot that my hand felt him. He sent me a glare that sent chills up my spine, and his eyes seemed to light with rage.


I ran past him and down the hall, not caring who I ran into, I just wanted to get away from this guy! Taking a few turns, I saw the small dots that I knew as Cory and Veronica, and ran towards them. Their forms finally starting to take shape.

They stopped walking which gave me a chance to catch up. By the time I reached them, Veronica was just finishing up her sentence.

"-and that's how you'll get to the Cafeteria! Now the next place we'll go to is-" she stopped talking, noticing my presence.

"WHERE WERE YOU!?!?" She screeched, shaking me violently. I tried to speak but I was blocked by the stinging pain in my head. I let out a small groan of pain and I thought I saw Cory flinch. "I- was- trying- to- GAA!"

I suddenly felt myself being torn out of my crazy friends grip and being held in strong arms and being comforted by an all to familiar warmth.

"C-Cory?" I stammered, looking up at my crush.

His arms where rapped around my waist and arms, his head next to mine. It was a protective position that Undyne had taught him 7 weeks ago after the... 'Incident.' No one could get to me in this position, nor would they try to. It gave a strong like vibe and somehow scared enemies away from the victim.

I felt my heart skip a beat as his monotone voice filled the empty hallway.

"Calm down, Veronica. There is no need to overact, she's here now isn't she? She probably just lost us in the hallways or something."

His soft voice, his breath on my neck, the close contact... I felt like melting.

Realizing my face was a very, very, deep shade of red, Veronica let out a small chuckle, causing Cory to raise an eyebrow.

"It's seems like your the one overacting," She cooed. "The moment I touched her, you put her in that 'protective position' of yours." Veronica giggled at the last part, causing my knees to go weak.

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