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Frisk POV

I carefully led Cory to the car, grinding my teeth in anger at what had happened to him in the past.

The car was a Honda, it's wheels a bright white and its color had a black sheen to it.

When I find his father, I swear, I'm gonna-

Cory's voice interrupted my thoughts. "I know what your thinking." He said calmly. I blinked at him. "You do?" "Ya," he chuckled.

"The pacifist Frisk, who is oh so kind and gentle, is planning on a way to kill my father." I stopped, glaring at his camera face playfully.

I scrunched my face up. "No I wasn't..." I muttered. He got really close to my face, making me blush. "Then I guess you wouldn't mind if I..." I shivered, feeling his hot breath against my lips.

Suddenly he pulled me into the back seat of the car, making me yelp. "Told you to get your ass in the car!"

We just stood there for a while.

Suddenly we just broke out into laughter. Not really caring that people where looking at us weirdly.

He whipped a tear from his eye, flashing me a goofy grin. I felt my face heat up.

Once I sat up, he sat down in the back seat of the Honda next to me. Still smiling.

Out of no where, we saw mettaton in the very back seat, leg up in the air, wiggling his eye brows at us. "Why don't you just kiss already darlings! The audience is just dying for some romantic action!"

I blushed this, and Cory ended up back handing Mettaton, turning 500 shades of red in the process.

"I have no regrets!!" Mettaton yelled dramatically as he fell to the base of the car.

I giggled and Cory just sighed in annoyance.

After a while the others came up and say in the car with us, fitting perfectly, well... Almost.

Front seat - Toriel (driving), Sans (passenger seat), Papyrus (passenger seat)
Middle seat - Cory (right side), Me! (Middle) Asriel/mini Toriel (left side)
Back seat - Mettaton (who is mostly taking up two seats b/c he's laying down fashionably), Undyne (Left side), Alphys (sitting on Undyne's lap/blushing like a maniac)
Trunk (ik I'm sorry XD) - Asgore (in a tiny ball contemplating life)

After were all settled and had started to drive, me and Cory started chatting up.
I was telling him about how Toriel officially adopted me (and how he would just be living with us) from our orphanage, and how we were building our own house.

His eyes widened at the last part.

"Did we finish it yet!?" He asked excitedly. I could tell he was ecstatic to get his own room for a change.

I giggled. "Almost! We still have a few renovations to do, but other than that, we are pretty much finished!" He smirks at me, making my face turn red.

I quickly looked away from him, hoping he didn't see my flustered face. Only the be stared down by Asriel, who was wiggling his eye brows.

He leaned in and whispered something in my ear. "You liiiiike him!~" he chuckled as I punched him in the arm.

"S-shut up!" I buried my face in my hands, trying to hide my blush.

After a little while of chatting in the car, we pulled up to a giant log cabin, built in with cobblestone and sand, making it look strangely regal. It then had a stone walkway leading up to it, and a little dinning set out in the front. The doors were glass and could slide as well as open. Not only that, but each room had a balcony and large windows to be greeted by the morning stars.

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