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The Wish of a Wandering Soul by notagoodwriter_14
The Wish of a Wandering Soulby notagoodwriter_14
The Rookie 9, Team Gai, and their respective senseis are going out on a bonding, "get to know each other," vacation trip for the week. Luckily for Naruto, this...
  • sasuke
  • pain
  • kyuubisdefeatfestival
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The Book of Jokes by numberone_redhead
The Book of Jokesby numberone_redhead
Just a joke book, cause I can. :) PS I wrote this when I was 14 and cringy, enjoy😘
  • jokes
  • funny
  • cringeworthy
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Cringe book by VanicWolf
Cringe bookby Oof
Entertainment purposes only
  • kill
  • cringeworthy
  • kids
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kell writes bad stories by bateaux
kell writes bad storiesby ミ☆ 𝘬𝘦𝘭𝘭
in which i write bad stories and share them, god knows why.
  • cringeworthy
  • humor
  • fun
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Cringe Worthy Moments in Fanfiction. by -fragilebones
Cringe Worthy Moments in problematic
Things in fanfictions that make everyone cringe. Like really, really cringe. A lot.
  • moments
  • -fragilebones
  • humor
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prosthetic leg ⚣ joshler [✔︎] by hhh2hhhoes
prosthetic leg ⚣ joshler [✔︎]by Isaac dun Joseph.
fuckboy!josh feminine!tyler tyler is too ashamed to tell his best friends about his prosthetic leg. he hides it under his thigh high socks. nothing makes him as frighten...
  • tysh
  • boyxboy
  • cringeworthy
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The Cursive Journal by Paranoia-is-my-BFF
The Cursive Journalby Full-on Failure
"I [have] this amazing friend from Jersey, Nick, and we wrote a story together which kickstarted our careers as world-famous authors, it all started on wattpad.&quo...
  • keepscrolling
  • autobiography
  • cringeworthy
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Yandere | Vkook/Taekook by SUGArKOOKIEs_TaeTae
Yandere | Vkook/Taekookby I’ll have the uhhhhh
His hunger for the boy's love grew everyday, driving him onto the path of unreason Will go into reediting sometime soon to fix loopholes and mistakes Yandere~ a term for...
  • bts
  • yoonmin
  • unnecessary
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Shawn Mendes Imagines - Book 1 *CRINGE* by allsmilez
Shawn Mendes Imagines - Book 1 * m
sometimes i make up scenarios about this kid named shawn mendes. SECOND IMAGINES BOOK IS OUT!! {cringe worthy}
  • shawnmendes
  • tnhmb
  • matthewespinosa
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Is this love? by Qveen_Val
Is this love?by Qveen_Val
It's about a girl with a huge imagination. She is nerdy,shy,sweet,a little sassy, and absolutely stunning. But what happens when she meets the captain of the football te...
  • idek
  • random
  • college
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Cringe Cream: Short Stories by emeraldrainbow
Cringe Cream: Short Storiesby emeraldrainbow
A collection of short stories for your enjoyment! 😁 Beware of the cringe! 😆 Within these pages you'll find stories written by my younger cringeworthy self. Don't worr...
  • cringeworthy
  • cute
  • fun
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Don't Give Up (On Hold) by itstatiana
Don't Give Up (On Hold)by Tatiana
Chase and Killana meet over spring break and fall in love, but what lengths will they go to to keep their long-distance relationship alive? ---this story will be very cl...
  • cringeworthy
  • romance
Puns {ON HOLD} by uberskat
Puns {ON HOLD}by uberskat
Read the title if you want a description.
  • funny
  • novel
  • random
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Idkkkk by jessica2cleland
Idkkkkby Jessica
  • kpop
  • cringeworthy
  • yas
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Actual Trash (Art Book) by DeathIsWaitingForMe
Actual Trash (Art Book)by Miscellaneous Object
So....this is my art book. Request are always open just so you know...
  • trustme
  • joey
  • great
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My Love For You by user48609539
My Love For Youby
Love or revenge
  • cringeworthy
  • sassygirl
Let's Go Back by -MacxNiko-
Let's Go Backby ✗史上最悪の友達 ✗
Let's go back in where everything was normal. When our family was still together. When we still hung out. Let's go back to then.. Users in this story: @-_spil...
  • family
  • familyproblems
  • recommendations
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Crack fictions by XxLeonidasXx
Crack fictionsby k
Don't ask why I have filthy frank for the cover What have I done
  • amideadyet
  • lol
  • cringeworthy
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Jahmad  by JocelynOftJamilex
Jahmad by Jocelyn Castillo
This is a sad story about a girl that always thought it was wrong to fall in love but ends up becoming close friends with a boy she ended up falling for Ahmad then sadly...
  • love
  • highschoolsweethearts
  • thoughtsandfeelings
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