The dinner

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WARNING! This chapter contains sexual assault! If you are ever in this situation, protect yourself and RUN! If you do not like this stuff, or get triggered reading this stuff, DON'T READ! You have been warned!
Frisk POV

I was in the bathroom of our new house, fixing my hair so it didn't blend with my red dress.

Before Cory came out with a strangely bleeding nose, I had shown the girls the red dress and they ended up liking it more. Plus it wasn't as revealing as the other one was. I also haven't seen Cory's outfit, so I was pretty exited about that as well.

Right as I finished putting my hair in a high, sloppy bun, I heard Toriel call my name.

"My child! Are you up there? We don't want to be late for our reservation!" "Coming!" I yelled back almost immediately.

I grabbed my black purse, that I had also gotten at Veronica's store, and headed towards the steps. Only to be greeted by a nose bleed worthy Cory.

Unlike the other guys, who were eating normal Tuxedos, Cory wore a light grey shirt, sleeves rolled up just before his elbows. He then wore a dark grey vest that was completely buttoned up and had pockets on the side. (I assume that's were he kept his wallet and keys.) He then had some grey Jean pants with a black belt for fashion purposes. And finally he wore a silver tie to complete the look. 

All that with his sandy colored hair and muscles would make even the most stubborn of girls (or boys) fall for him

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All that with his sandy colored hair and muscles would make even the most stubborn of girls (or boys) fall for him.

I then realized that nobody had noticed me, even though I was staring straight at them.

"Where is that silly, Child?" Toriel said to no one in particular, looking at her watch. "Maybe she's still the in bathroom? She can't use magic like we do, so she'll take longer." Undyne suggested.

Toriel sighed. "Maybe so..."

I giggled a bit. I started to wave my hand.

"Hey! I'm up here!" Suddenly everyone turned around to see me.

Cory POV

While talking to Asgore about how his chance with Toriel was at Zero (dream killer) I heard Frisk's voice yell, "Hey! I'm up here!"

I turned around, only to feel my nose bleed coming in.

Frisk was wearing a red velvet colored dress. It had two cuts in the front near the shoulder blades and a giant whole that showed her cleavage. Unlike the other dresses, this one was much shorter and had the longest sleeves. (Not to mention the dress hugged her curves) Her red hair was also put into a messy bun with only one strand sticking out to show a bit of an edgy look.

Long story short, she looked drop dead gorgeous.

I could help but gawk at her in amazement.

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