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Charisk: Charatale by AverageCabbage19
Charisk: Charataleby ‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎...
Four years have passed since the events of Undertale. Monsters and Humans live in harmony, but a new threat is on the rise. A seventeen year old Frisk has one year to s...
The Door (Toriel x Sans Fan Fiction) by WillowTheUnicorn
The Door (Toriel x Sans Fan Moved
Sans the Skeleton watches for humans for his brother Papyrus when one day, he sees a door. He walks up to the door and does knock-knock jokes. Unknowingly, he finds he h...
The Woman of My Dreams  (Sans x Toriel) by TheStickStudios
The Woman of My Dreams (Sans x Hibble Skibble
After Frisk broke the barrier and freed all monsters, life has been hard for humans to cope with their new friends. But even if life is hard trying to suit their new lif...
Why do you care? (Flowey X Papyrus fanfic) by Cindy767
Why do you care? (Flowey X This username is currently un...
Papyrus centred fanfiction where Flowey and him get to know each other on the surface. Non sexual with strong language but fluff and angst are present.
Secretly Together (Sans × Toriel) by RandomyFandomies
Secretly Together (Sans × Toriel)by DETERMINED WATTPAD USER
The Surface... new memories... new life... and mostly... more happiness and love! ××× Everyone's booming with love and not LOVE ××× Undyne and Alphys, has an honest re...
Mi Sans (Frans) by Xiane_Star
Mi Sans (Frans)by Xiane_Star
Esta historia se trata de que Frisk se enamora de Sans a los 13 años, en la cual su amor hacia el es tan fuerte cada día mas y mas; cuando llega a los 15, Frisk decide c...
Falling Inlove From The Lady In The Other Side(soriel) by Bun_Berry
Falling Inlove From The Lady In Galaxii_star
Long time ago there was a skeleton and a beautiful goat they never show their face each other by a giant door and they both didn't know that they're both fall in love wi...
~Soriel~ by MelodyWritesThings
~Soriel~by Melody (≧▽≦)
First Fanfiction on this site. Hopefully all goes well and I look semi-good.
Reincarnation by TereziKilledJohn
Reincarnationby That one Homestuck Fangirl
Sans and Toriel have been married for about 5 years now ever since Frisk saved them from the underground. They live with none other than their adopted child Frisk, as we...
Forbidden  Love (Asriel X Frisk) Undertale by Phantom-Knight1
Forbidden Love (Asriel X Frisk) Phantom-Knight1
After freeing monster kind and saving Asriel, Frisk starts to develop feelings for her new goat brother, does he feel the same?
Undertale AU Amaryllis Requests by Flare787
Undertale AU Amaryllis Requestsby Flare787
Instructions lay inside. Be sure to follow thoroughly. All set up? Good. Now just sit back, wait, relax, and enjoy your requests set in the timeline of my Undertale AU A...
Hello , how are you? by EssinJaeger
Hello , how are you?by Essi
~The art of the ''banner'' is not mine . This fanfic is about Undertale . Sans is a Skeleton who loves bad jokes . He loves talk with a misterious lady who your name is...
Frisk the Matchmaker by Random_Dog
Frisk the Matchmakerby Random_Dog
Frisk tries to help Sans and Toriel to be together
Their Violin (Undertale AU- Instrument-tale) by WingedTigressYuiitsu
Their Violin (Undertale AU- WingedTigressYuiitsu
Octave is a human girl who loves to play the violin. One day, she falls down a hole... and a magical and musical journey takes place. However, a dark presence lurks som...
The Jock loves a nerd!!! (Reconstruction) by BONNIEGIRL67
The Jock loves a nerd!!! ( BONNIEGIRL67
Emma had a hard life so far. Her mother became a drunk hooker, her father has done a lot of shady things and even though of using his own children as prostitutes. To...
"Home" by GravityFactor
"Home"by Lin
Frisk was an infant when she first appeared in the Ruins. For reasons unknown, her parents left her alone by Mt. Ebott and with the help of a certain flower, she appeare...
One Thing Leads to Another (A Soriel Fanfiction) by Pezzeroni
One Thing Leads to Another (A Pezzeroni
!Might contain NSFW! Monsters are finally on the surface after all this time, and everyone can finally be happy, right? Or almost everyone.... It seems that Sans is doom...
Dreemurr and Femur (Soriel // Discontinued) by oasisofpassion
Dreemurr and Femur (Soriel // oasisofpassion
(Warning- Swearing!) It had been three years since Frisk freed the monsters, and she's now 19 and in college. She's still same old Frisk, but Chara had left her long bef...