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Cory x Frisk- A Love Story by RandoUtubeWatcher
Cory x Frisk- A Love Storyby Emo Heck
The story takes place after Newscapepro's Undertale Roleplay but with a different ending. Both Frisk and Cory made it to the surface but... now what?
Staring into the eyes of darkness (A Corisk fanfic) -HIATUS- by charaplayzpiano
Staring into the eyes of charaplayzpiano
This isn't my OTP anymore, and I've kinda grown out of it a bit. So... updates will be even more sparse. Sorry.
On the surface ||Book2|| (Completed) by venluca
On the surface ||Book2|| ( why
If you haven't read book one yet read it or this won't make sense so READ BOOK ONE FIRST!!!!!! btw art not mine ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
A mountain Romance ||Corisk Fanfic|| (Completed) by venluca
A mountain Romance ||Corisk why
Once there were two teens one named Cory and one named Fris- Why am I telling the story if your here you know what it's about I'm talking dem Fangirls up in here!!! Stay...