I Just Want To Protect You

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Cory POV

I ran through the street, blood still dripping from my right cheek and Frisk's elbow.

I didn't care what people thought of me.

I didn't care if people thought I was crazy

I didn't care if they thought I was insaine

All I cared for was her safety

And that's all that mattered.

Flash back!
After talking with Undyne for a bit, I looked around for Frisk.

When I didn't find her I asked Toriel. "Hey, Toriel? Have you seen Frisk?" I said questioningly.

She shrugged, then after a few moments, snapped her fingers.

"I don't know where she is, but I think Papyrus does!" I nodded and walked over to the spaghetti loving skeleton.

"Hey, Papyrus?" I asked. He looked up front his plate of spaghetti. "Yes, Cory?" "Have you seen frisk anywhere? She disappeared a while ago and I can't find her anywhere."

Papyrus stopped eating his spaghetti and put his hand up to his jaw.

"Well, she told me she was going to have a phone call outside for a bit," he began. "But, if she hasn't come back yet, you should probably find her."

I nodded, grabbing my extra coat off the coat hanger. Frisk said she didn't need one because it was too warm outside, but I had brought one just in case.

After stepping outside of the restaurant, I looked around the surrounding buildings to see if I could find her.

Suddenly... I heard a scream.

I ran towards where the scream came from, silently hoping that it wasn't Frisk.

Suddenly, just before I crossed to a new building, I heard whimpering from a nearby alleyway from across the street. But it wasn't a dog whimper, it was a human.

I ran to the alleyway to find my self staring in shock and horror of the thing that I just found.

I found frisk... But she was tied up against a pole, mouth covered with a rag, and being groped by a blue haired boy.

I couldn't move. I just watched in horror as he sucked in her neck and tears and flown from her eyes.

I felt my heart break in two at the pain that she was going through. And when he stopped, I thought it was over, the pain would finally end for her, and I could stop them.

But then I saw him unbuckling his belt.

I saw her eyes widen and tears flowing freely as she tried yelling for help through the rag.

I had suddenly felt something, like I wasn't in control anymore. Was it Chara? No... It was something else, something was making me feel this.

No... I was in control...

This was the same feeling that I felt when I had first killed that monster.
Anger flooded through me, I growled as my hand slipped into my pocket where my knife was held.

"Stop it!" I had shouted, making the blue haired boy, and his comrades, turn around.

"Sorry dude, this girl is mine, go find someone else to bother." He turned around and re-pinned Frisk against the wall. I then realized her eyes were shut tight.

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