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Hello! You're probably wondering what this message is for. Weeeeellllll, it's because I'm apologizing for my lack of knowledge for politics. I only know a few laws about social justice, but even then I won't be spot on. And I might come up with some weird excuses that work in this world but not ours. So if your cringing or pissed at my lack of knowledge, I'm sorry!
Anyways, back to the story!
Cory POV


I sat up at lightning speed, my eyes wide with fear.

My body was drenched in sweat, and I felt as though something was crushing my chest, causing me to suffocate.

I was in my bed, surrounded by the familiar light blue walls of my room. Calm down, Cory... I thought to myself. You're in your room, not there, everything's how it should be.

My hand unconsciously gripped my chest, as if trying to slow down my racing heart beat. I knew it wouldn't help, but I couldn't stop myself from having a small hope of it working.

You're safe, My brained cooed. It was only a dream.

But it wasn't a dream.

It was a memory.

A mix of them.

Barbed wire, insane laughter, and a gigantic missile slashed through my brain, causing me to yell in agony.

I brought my hands up to my head, clutching the sides of my temples, hoping to stop my head from throbbing.

At times like these, I was glad the walls surrounding me were mostly sound proof. Then no one would be able to hear my screams, then nobody would suffer because of my pain.

Another scream escaped my lips as my head pulsed from another memory.

In my sleep I had the luxury of feeling pain in my dreams, where I knew it was fake and move on the next morning. But sometimes I would have major headaches when I woke up too early from my torture, and then I would have to experience physical pain as well.

And it's happening more frequently too, I reminded myself once the pounding was more bare able.

This is the eighth time this week it's happened when I was awake.

I rubbed my temples, eyes drooping from the lack of sleep I've had. Oh, did I also mention I haven't slept properly in 5 days?

Your probably wondering, But Frisk didn't sleep for 14 days! Why are you so miserable?

You see, when Frisk didn't sleep for so long, Toriel would come in and use a healing spell on her to not have Frisk collapse from exhaustion.

I however, didn't have the luxury of being healed.

Nor did I deserve it.

Frisk has saved hundreds of lives, human and monster. She was the one who stayed by me when I was in the coma for so long, freed the monsters from the underground, and she was the one who powered through such a traumatizing event.

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