The Beginning Of a New World Part 1

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Cory/Chara POV

I watched as Chara maneuvered my body to her will, making me swipe at the guards, trying to hit them.

Remember we don't want to hit them,
I said in a serious tone.

Ya, sure, whatever, so what do we hit?

I looked around and zoomed in on the guns that they were holding (get it? Cuz he has a camera for a face? HAHAHHAHahahahahah, hehehhehe..... Kill me now)


OVER THERE! I said, mentally pointing at the gun.

I could feel my body nod as Chara aimed for the gun. In a split second the gun fell to the ground in pieces, making the police gawk in amazement.

I smirked mentally.

"You won't touch her, or them!" We said in unison, taking the other guns out.

"Because after all," I could feel my body slowly gaining control again as Chara and I destroyed one of the police cars, causing it to blow up.

"They are the SAVIORS of humans AND monsters!" I could hear several gasps from the other humans.

"Monsters?" "So they do exists!" "I thought it was just a legend!" "So are you telling me that... Thing was a monster!?" "So grotesque!" "And to think we didn't just kill them at the beginning!" "We couldn't! They were to powerful!" "Is this kid a monster?"

The comments kept coming. The police just stared at me I amazement. I kept my ground, trying not to get to enraged.

"I'm running out of juice Cory" Chara said weakly. I shrugged. "Go, get some rest, you deserve it." "What about you Cory?" "Oh me?" I looked over at the group of humans and smirked evilly. "I'll be fine, there are just humans aren't they?"

I could hear Chara laugh mentally.

Good luck...

I chuckled then turned back to the humans, who gawked in amazement at what they just saw.

"Who's next!?"

Frisk POV

After I explained what had happened to Toriel, she quickly called the others, while Sans helped his brother calm down.

"When I get my hands on those humans I'll-" He cut himself of with an angry huff, his left eye glowing brightly. "They messed with the wrong family..."

"Undyne and the others are on their way to the park right now." Toriel said, putting her phone in her pocket. "We should get going as well, my child." I nodded and stood up.

We were in a small cave, not to far from  the tunnel on top of Mount Ebbot. We were going to set up camp and meet with the president somehow, then come back to the monsters that were still in the tunnel. Setting us all free!

But Papyrus had a slightly different plan In mind.

"I-I'm sorry, it's all my fault," Papyrus stammered. "I-if I hadn't ran o-off like t-that, non of this w-would've happened." He started to cry again, which led to Sans gently comforting him. Saying things like "it's okay bro" and "it's not your fault" etc.

I looked down at my feet. I never thought I'd see Papyrus so... Distraught before.

Even when I had asked him in that 'date' he wasn't this nervous or sad. In fact he was almost ecstatic when Cory crashed it.


"My child! Are you alright? You're crying!" Toriel was really close to my face, worry engulfing her eyes.

"I-i am?" I touched my hand to my right cheek, feeling tears roll down it. 
"O-oh..." I muttered.

I straightened my back, determination filling me. What am I moping around for? Cory is fine! In fact, he's probably beat all of those police men and women by now! I whipped my tears with the sleeve of my sweater, walking out the cave entrance, and looking out towards the park.

Come on Cory, I believe in you!

Cory POV

I laid on the ground, exhausted. After the whole, 'attacking law enforcement' thing, the FBI came and started firing guns at me. I dodged them, of course, but I was exhausted.

"Do you give up!?" The intercom boomed. I noticed that reporters were there recording this. I gritted my teeth.


Suddenly another wave of bullets came raining down on me, I missed them all, barely. One bullet skimmed my arm, making me shout out in agony.

I thought I could here someone in the crowd screech "No!" But it must've been my imagination. I stumbled a bit, but steadied myself, still gripping my arm.

"I'll never give up!" I screeched towards the helicopters. "'Cause if I do, all of monster kind will be sealed under Mount Ebott again for the next thousand years! And who would you be saving then, huh!? You own asses!?"

Another rain of bullets. This time it scratched at my chest, another scream of agony.



"I guess I was right then." I said a bit more quietly. I chuckled.

So I was right all along, us humans really are cowards.

While in my thoughts, I didn't notice the sudden bullet flying straight towards my head. I looked up to see it coming, and I just... Stood there. I couldn't move. I saw it coming, but I felt helpless. I could just move out of the way no prob, but my body... Just, stopped working.

I stood my ground realizing that it was probably where my life ended.

I'm sorry frisk... I thought, slowly closing my eyes. I'm sorry I couldn't save you...

I heard a giant booming sound, then darkness.

I opened my eyes, expecting to see the devil, but instead I saw...


Sorry for the long chapter guys!

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