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I Am Myself (Frans) by NotAngyMore_76
I Am Myself (Frans)by NotAngyMore_76
[COMPLETED] [COMMISIONS OPEN!] Frisk is broken and unstable. Their mind was overtaken by Chara and now they never know when will Chara reach out to hurt Frisk's friends...
A New Beginning by HylianHetalianTrash
A New Beginningby Bruh Sound Effect #2
This is a sort of Papyrus x Mettaton fanfic, but it doesn't really take place in the official Undertale story. I mean, the characters, the settings, and all that are al...
The Boy At Campus by Hayleyotp
The Boy At Campusby Peter Pan
DAAAAAAAAAMN HAYLEY! BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH THE OTP! A year after Highschool, drama, and...Papyrus, Mettaton comes to a fate he never thought possible. Finally out of Hi...
The Papyton Story by sanicfangurl
The Papyton Storyby Gi
The title says it all. Very creative, huh?
Magic Humans and Monsters (Sans x Reader) by RandomChickGirl
Magic Humans and Monsters (Sans RandomChickGirl
-FIRST BOOK OF THREE- Ever since the War, magic humans have been training to kill all monsters when they escape. They've even built a special school designed for teachin...
Fabledtale by AuroraTheDragon174
Fabledtaleby AuroraTheDragon174
Pure cringe right here ("-_-)👍 Undertale and its characters belong to Toby Fox OC(s) belong to me and Riverlilyrs Cover belongs to me Other art is not mine Music i...
Nightmare (Undertale Story) by Sarcasm_S
Nightmare (Undertale Story)by Sarcasm_S
Sans is a pun loving skeleton who loves to sleep and slack off at work so when he started to change everyone began to notice it very quickly. They all brush it off think...
Papyton One Shots by t0xicfroggyy
Papyton One Shotsby t0xicfroggy
Just a bunch of Papyton (Papyrus x Mettaton) one shots. Send in cute scenarios and I will make sure to write about them
The Definition of Love (Grillby x Reader) by swimsurfsushi
The Definition of Love (Grillby Reese's Pieces
This is going to be my version of Grillby x reader, I'm sorry if you don't like the ship but I find it kinda adorable. Some limes. Some lemons. Other ships included; Pa...
Determined Together | A Papyton Fanfic | Undertale by lupineRainwyn
Determined Together | A Papyton rainie
The barrier was broken not too long ago. None of the monsters really knew how or why, but now they were free to roam the Surface. Then there was Mettaton, the Undergrou...
True Friend - True Love (Papyton story) by SUPERNH_0w0
True Friend - True Love (Papyton SUPER NH
(Please ignore the papyton ratings...) ✩★✩Story description: • All the monsters were free from the underground, and they still had dreams they wanted to be come trued...
Secrets you can't keep under the moonlight| Soriel  by OverwatchDvafan
Secrets you can't keep under the OverwatchDvafan
Frisk noticed that Sans has been acting weird even Papyrus, since frisk had DETERMINATION, she/he was not going to give up, until they could answer. As for Toriel, she w...
Undertale one-shots (mostly papyton) (And depressing stories included) by Mama_Dinosaur
Undertale one-shots (mostly Lesbiab
My little practice book for fluffy moments. ~Some one-shots contain deleted parts of the story Stay Determined! ~And some others are the future, but y'all have to figure...
Ask Or Dare - Undertale by Nagisachan22
Ask Or Dare - Undertaleby Nagisachan22
ask or dare the undertale crew and their kids! The ship is.... Asriel x Chara Sans x Frisk Asgore x Toriel Undyne x alphys Papyrus x Mettaton Swaps au Papyrus x Chara ...
But you weren't there (*Sans x Frisk*) by DaniBryan3
But you weren't there (*Sans x cringe author
She was lost, alone and hurt by everything in her past. Could he bring her back? Could he save her?
(cross x dream) highschool fanfic by drusillab11
(cross x dream) highschool fanficby drusillab
its about cross x dream ink x error blue x fell dust x lust outer x killer and other ships
Messages ♡(Papyrus X Mettaton) by FriskShips
Messages ♡(Papyrus X Mettaton)by Shailynn
This is a story of Papyrus and Mettaton's text messages!
Frisk yandere x sans [frans] undertale by Mikelanguelo
Frisk yandere x sans [frans] angelina
Hola soy nuevo y esta es mi primera historia, y se que muchos me van a decir que porque pones a frisk como yandere y a como un debilucho , pero bueno tal vez no me dig...
A Crystal Heart || Sans X Reader by ReneeMagics
A Crystal Heart || Sans X Readerby ReneeMagics
A Fantasy turned to Wonder Wonder to Obsession Obsession to Discovery Discovery to Destiny These were the trails she followed before the fall, and through this fall will...
A Papyton Love story yet to be told! by SageEnbyPlays
A Papyton Love story yet to be SageEnbyPlays
Hello Everyone this is my first ever Story and I wanted it to be Papyton my favorite Undertale ship there might be some 18+/NSFW things so if you don't like that leave y...