The Hospital

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Frisk POV

It has been 7 whole weeks since Cory was hit by that missile, and fell into his coma. Right now I was sitting in his room by his bed side, it was about 3:00 in the morning.

I looked down at his peaceful face. I smiled, but then it disappeared when I saw a strand of his sandy colored hair fall onto his camera lens.

I hated that.

When he woke up, I wanted him to see perfectly, to see the world that he helped to create. In fact, if he hadn't saved me from that missle, the monsters wouldn't have been accepted to live and roam freely around the world.

Flash Back!

I watched in horror as Cory dropped to the ground.

At one moment he was safe under the protection of the force field, and the next, he was lying lifeless on the cold hard dirt. Turning the grass red.

The whole world seemed to collapse around me, I felt as if nothing and no one else was there. I felt that I was the only one witnessing this tragedy.

I felt a single tear went down my cheek, followed by another one, and another one, and another one.

I fell to my knees, staring at his lifeless body, his small smile I knew so well still plastered on his face, and his camera lens eye slightly opened. He looked so peaceful. It was almost like he was sleeping.

He's sleeping! Ya that's it he's sleeping! He's not dead! And that's not blood it's cool aid! Ya that's right!!

Fuck it.

He is dead...

...He was killed...

...No, murdered...

By me.

I cried my heart out as my throat let out a blood curtaling scream of agony and pain.

I put my hands in my hair, letting it go crazy.

I felt as if a sword had pierced right through my heart, slowly, letting it be as painful as possible. Not caring about what pain the holder of the heart was going through.

I let my body fall onto his chest, sobbing into his once Lime green sweater that I made for him so many years ago, now covered in his own blood.

I didn't know what was happening outside of my personal bubble, and I didn't care. All I wanted was for him to hold me once again in his warm arms. To feed me chocolate cake on my birthday, to cook me soup when I was sick, and to hold me when I was sad.

I couldn't help but think that all of this was a dream. That I would wake up back in the orphanage me and Cory grew up in, him sleeping on the mat across from me.

I could help but hope that he was still here, that he was just pranking me, that he would sit up and yell "Just kidding! Gotta didn't I frisk!?"

But no...

It didn't come.

I laid there for hours on end, and when they took him to the hospital I begged to stay with him. Thankfully they agreed.

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