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I Am Myself (Frans) by NotAngyMore_76
I Am Myself (Frans)by NotAngyMore_76
[COMPLETED] [COMMISIONS OPEN!] Frisk is broken and unstable. Their mind was overtaken by Chara and now they never know when will Chara reach out to hurt Frisk's friends...
Life Can't Be RESET [UnderTale] by Dragonfire719
Life Can't Be RESET [UnderTale]by Kaitlyn
Pacifist. Neutral. Genocide. SAVE. LOAD. RESET. Over, and over again. Living through an endless loop has started to take its toll on Sans. Eventually, he just doesn't ca...
Magic Humans and Monsters (Sans x Reader) by RandomChickGirl
Magic Humans and Monsters (Sans RandomChickGirl
-FIRST BOOK OF THREE- Ever since the War, magic humans have been training to kill all monsters when they escape. They've even built a special school designed for teachin...
Time Takes All (challenge complete) by Summer_Bird
Time Takes All (challenge complete)by Hallie Shuler
The monsters have been released from the Underground, and are planning on making peace with the humans. Frisk promises to be the ambassador of the Underground residents...
Undertale: Baby Saga by RosieGeee
Undertale: Baby Sagaby RosieGeee
I will be doing at least three undertale fan couples, starting with Mettaton and Papyrus, then Sans and Grillby, and finally Alphys and Undyne. Enjoy.
Fabledtale by AuroraTheDragon174
Fabledtaleby AuroraTheDragon174
Pure cringe right here ("-_-)👍 Undertale and its characters belong to Toby Fox OC(s) belong to me and Riverlilyrs Cover belongs to me Other art is not mine Music i...
Nightmare (Undertale Story) by Sarcasm_S
Nightmare (Undertale Story)by Sarcasm_S
Sans is a pun loving skeleton who loves to sleep and slack off at work so when he started to change everyone began to notice it very quickly. They all brush it off think...
Undertale: Papyrus x Frisk/Reader by ThrillerTheKiller
Undertale: Papyrus x Frisk/Readerby Ashton Eberhardt
(Female!Frisk/Reader) It has been seven years since monsters broke through the barrier. Frisk, now 18, is living with her mother Toriel. All of her friends are trying to...
A New Normal? (Depressed!Sans x Asgore) by shelb156
A New Normal? (Depressed!Sans x Star⭐
(COVER ART IS NOT MINE) They finally got to the surface. Finally after so many times. So many resets. So many Genocide runs. So many resets. They're finally here. Frisk...
It All Ended To Start Up Again (A Glitchtale Multi-Ship Story) by KnightEverest
It All Ended To Start Up Again ( KnightEverest
Their once were three siblings who are Copper, Agate, and Amber Lightvale, Copper and Agate watched their mother died after giving birth to Amber but their father death...
Undertale one-shots (mostly papyton) (And depressing stories included) by Mama_Dinosaur
Undertale one-shots (mostly Lesbiab
My little practice book for fluffy moments. ~Some one-shots contain deleted parts of the story Stay Determined! ~And some others are the future, but y'all have to figure...
The Child (Alphys x Undyne) by princeofblackroses
The Child (Alphys x Undyne)by Zedd Mason
The love and parenthood of the lovely undertale couple, Undyne and Alphys
My First Alphyne Story by PuppyGamerYT
My First Alphyne Storyby PuppyGamerYT
This is my first fanfiction ever! Enjoy!
Fishy Love - UNDERTALE - Alphys X Undyne by Deaxss
Fishy Love - UNDERTALE - Alphys Deaxs
This is what happens when ur bored on a road trip. (Contains some slight NSFW, it's probably fine.)
Undying Seas (Alphyne) by SinfulTin
Undying Seas (Alphyne)by Syntin
(((MERMAID AU))) "She stared in awe at the stunning scene before her, the water surrounding her feet splashing her ankles every so often, leaving a light reminder i...
(cross x dream) highschool fanfic by drusillab11
(cross x dream) highschool fanficby drusillab
its about cross x dream ink x error blue x fell dust x lust outer x killer and other ships
Hold My Hand by tiredmalfoy
Hold My Handby xx
Mettaton is a star, loved by everybody. His voice is one of an angel. So is his heart, but nobody bothers to actually get to know him. Until he meets Papyrus.
Science X Fighting || Alphyne Fanfic by xXGarmauTaleXx
Science X Fighting || Alphyne { Chara & Frisk }
This Alphyne book is just us taking turns to write so hopefully you guys like this X3
Undertale ship short stories by UndertaleGachaYoutub
Undertale ship short storiesby SkyeRoseWattPad
Just some short stories of ships I might do aus at some point as well I don't know.
ask undertale and deku by star_the_artist_wolf
ask undertale and dekuby Elsa Centeno
hi everyone please comment down ask or dare characters also in this story deku fell underground with frisk and they live underground with goat mom qnd there friends