The Aftermath Part 2

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Alphys POV

I followed Veronica's eyes and watched as Cory carefully placed the wet towel on Frisk's head.

Looking back at Veronica, I noticed that she seemed deep in thought.

Her hands were twitching, her brow was narrowed, and her eyes were on Cory.

No, scratch that, Cory's hands.

I followed her gaze once again and noticed how gently he was moving them. Whenever he changed the washcloth or blanket, he would always be so nervous to get near her. He barely touched Frisk, as if he was afraid of hurting her.

I sighed, realizing why he was being so anti-touché.

She was almost... 'R'ed... And he was nervous that if she woke up and he was there, she'd immediately want to get away from him. That she wouldn't be his friend anymore and that she would live in fear for the rest of her life knowing that every guy was out to get her. And that-

...maybe I'm over thinking this...

I shook my head, clearing my thoughts.
Looking back up at Veronica for the second time today, I said "What are you thinking about."

This made her jump. "N-nothing!" She stammered, face red with embarrassment. "J-just thinking i-is all!"

I lifted my eye brow, causing her to laugh nervously and fiddle with her hair. After a while, she stopped and bent down so we were at equal height.

"Hey Alphys?" She asked nervously.


"Do you think you could..." She trailed off, mumbling the last part. I raised an eyebrow. "Can you s-speak up?" She took a deep breath. "Do you think you could...." I looked at her sternly. "Veronica..."

"Ugh! Fine!" She looked down at her feet, suddenly looking embarrassed. "Do you think you could tell me what love is?"

My heart stopped.


"N-no! It's not like that! I just was wondering how people act around other people when they are in love."

I stopped again, and thought for a moment. "Well I guess one example is that," I paused, then snapped my fingers, getting an idea.

"When they get each other gifts! Or when your sad or hurt, they always stay by your side! Or do ridiculous stuff for them, like wear a tutu!" I let out a small snort, looking down at Cory's heaving chest.

"Or when you fall asleep next to them." I heard a clicking sound from behind us and knew it was Undyne taking a photo of the sleeping duo.

Veronica was silent for a moment, as if processing what I had just said.

"So pretty much what you do with Undyne?" I felt my face what up. "W-what!"

She suddenly burst out laughing, tears perking up just at the corner of her eyes.

"Don't worry! Don't worry! Jeez! I was just kidding!" She wiped the tears out of the corner of her eyes then looked back at the sleeping duo.

"Sometimes..." She began, her voice quite. "I wish I could feel what they feel, or what you and Undyne feel, heck, even Asriel when he thinks about that girl... Chora? Was it? What ever it was... You guys always seem so happy together. I just wonder whenever I'll feel the same way."

She gave me a sad smile, her eyes dull and dark.

My mind traveled for a moment. I gasped, suddenly realizing what she meant.

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