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Frisk POV

After telling the others about the dinner idea, we all agreed and we're now deciding on what restaurant to go to.

"Ooo! I know!" Alphys said clapping her hands together. "Why not a sushi restaurant!" I gasped and put my hands over Undyne's ears (ears? Gill... Things? Idk anymore...), shaking my head.

Alphys looked down at her feet in shame, soon being comforted by a confused Undyne.

"How about grillbyes?" Sans suggested.
Cory shook his head.

"Nah, too rowdy, and besides," he said looking up at sans. "ME AND FRISK WOULDN'T BE ALOUD TO GO IN THERE!! WE CANT HAVE ALCOHOL YOU KNOW!!"

Sans just shrugged, still showing off his toothy grin. "You could just have ketchup you know," Cory rolled his eyes at the short skeleton.

"That's it! I'm done!" He said, done. I giggled as he walked up stairs.

"What is he even gonna do up there?" Asgore asked, while watering a daisy.
"Some thing less boring than looking at flowers all day like an old cow." Toriel said coldly, making Asgore die inside.

Suddenly Asriel raised his hand. "Oh I know!" He said excitedly. Mettaton looked over at the goat child. "What is it, darling?"

Asriel put his hand in his pocket, only to take it out holding out a brochure that had a heart on it, with an arrow piercing through the side.

"Why don't we go to this place!" He said enthusiastically as Toriel and I looked at the brochure. "It has outdoor and indoor preferences, not to mention it is filled with fancy pants stuff."

He took a breath.

"Also, the place serves vegan specials, carnivore specials, and snails! But they call it 'escargot'." He used his hands as air quotes for the last part.

"And did I mention that it is placed near a lake?" Toriel smiled at the brochure. "Good find Asriel!" She cooed.

"Ya! You really did your research!" Papyrus yelled happily.

I smiled at Asriel. earning one back. I slowly took the brochure, a small tint of pink forming on my face.

This will be the perfect place to catch up with Cory! I thought excitedly.

Unbeknownst to me, I was holding the brochure to my chest and giggling slightly. I stopped, realizing that everyone was staring at me.

"I..... Uh......" I tried to speak but nothing came out. I sat there in silence until Undyne slapped me on the back making me jump a bit.

"Just tell him already!!" She says impatiently.

My face went about 5000 shades of red.

"W-what!? I-" Before I could finish my sentence, sans patted me on the shoulder and flashed a toothy grin. "Ya! We all know you like the guy," "t-that's true!" Alphys stammered. "W-we can help y-you tell him!"

I looked at them all, feeling my face heat up at every word that they said.

I was suddenly bombarded by encouraging words and tips on how to get a guy.

I felt like dying.

"HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!" I said in nervous laughter, making everyone stop. "Let's t-talk about s-something else, o-okay!? Hehehehehhehe...."

Suddenly Alphys gave me an evil grin. "Oh you won't be getting off that easily-" "LETS GO SHOPPING!!!" I yelled making Mettaton gasp in excitement. "SHOPPING!"

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