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Frisk POV

I looked over at Cory who had just walked outside with a shocked expression on his face.

Then I realized he was looking at the reporters.

I giggled softly, still looking at Cory (who mind you was very distraught, by the way). He ran over to me, just barely escaping from the flashing cameras.

"Frisk! What the hell is happening!?" I giggled at his face of playful horror. "They've come to interview you silly!" He looked at me, confusion slowly drifting from his face. "Oh..." He said slowly. "I knew that!"

I laughed and guided him back towards the others, who were being interviewed by a female reporter.

"-so, tell me if I'm wrong, he protected her because he lo-" she cut herself off as she saw Cory and I coming her way.

"OMG!" She yelled in excitement, running over to us (camera man slowly following behind). "Hi! I'm Amanda Waller, reporter of MTT news! And I am here to ask you some questions!" She said cheerfully, shaking both of our hands quickly. She was a woman, about 19 or 20. She had Short brown hair that went to her shoulders, light brown eyes, and quite a curvaceous body. I looked at my own body and found that I wasn't as curvy, and let out a small snort.

Suddenly, this, Amanda Waller character, held Cory's hand a bit longer than she did mine, which me me kinda angry.

Cory shrugged after she let go of his hand. "Sure, we don't mind." At this, Amanda squealed in delight, making me growl a bit.

Suddenly she took out a sheet of paper and held the micro phone to her plump lips. "Ok, first question, what did you feel when the missle hit you? Did you feel pain, or something else?" She held the microphone up to Cory's camera face and he put his hands in his pockets.

"I don't know really," he said, slightly surprising me. "I didn't feel pain or anything like that, I guess I felt sort of..." He paused. "At peace."

"Can you elaborate?" "Yes," he said, scratching his chin a bit. "I knew that I was dying, and I knew that I felt pain, but I feel strangle peaceful. I was at rest with all of the things that I had done in my life that weren't so good, and I was fine knowing that my friend were safe, so ya. I was at peace."

I smiled at him warmly, earning a smile in return. Ya, I know that he almost died, but he let himself fall to the ground because he knew that we were all safe. And that made my heart sour with happiness.

"Ok! Next question!" Amanda said, interrupting my thoughts.

"How did you gain all that strength to fight all of those police officers?"

Cory's eyes clouded, his thoughts slowly seeping out of reality. Instead I answered for him. (Not wanting to reveal Chara)

"When we were in the underground, he trained a lot." I said, matter of fact'ly. "And before then, I always saw him picking fights with some other kids I grade school, so that must have increased his agility and strength."

Cory looked at me with grateful eyes, I smiled back to show that I got his message.

"Ok, Final question, can you-!" She stopped, and gasped.

"What is it?" I said, concerned. Even though I didn't like her that much, I still didn't want her hurt.

"T-the fans w-want you to t-take off y-your shirt." Her face turned a bit red, and so did mine. Suddenly, Cory just shrugged. "Ok." (CORY, WTF!)

"CORY, NO!" I yelled, backing up a bit.

"CORY, YES!" Mettaton, who jumped out of the bushes, yelled.

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