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Chapter 31

Once Chuuya got to his new home, he felt as if he had a new purpose. That purpose was to follow every order and carry out any mission his boss sent him.

"you're going to die if you keep submitting to him like that~"

Chuuya groaned in disagreement and rolled his eyes.

"Shut up Dazai. I actually have a purpose now."

"oh? So what about all that talk of me being your new love, how you feel safe around me, or how much you can't live without me~"

He blushed and wanted to slap Dazai for it. He didn't want to let the other win, so he just turned the opposite direction.

Dazai stood behind him, snaking his arms around his waist pulling him closer. Chuuya leaned into the touch, he had forgotten how much he missed it.

"Dazai what really you doing?"

"Can't I just hug my lover? Is that so wrong. "

" yes. What do you want."

"fine if you must know chu chu-"


"Finee~ well "  The mood of the room changed and Chuuya didn't like the feel of it.

"Don't. Submit to him like that. He won't hesitate to kill you. This isn't a game." Dazai let go and Chuuya turned around.

He was being backed into the nearest wall. He hadn't seen Dazai like this in a while.

Dazai's arm was keeping chuuya from moving.

Chuuya tried using his gravity manipulation but Dazai forcefully kissed him, nullifying his ability. He melted into the kiss, and held onto Dazai's shoulders. He felt him bite and let out a small gasp, he tried fighting for dominance but he couldn't win. He felt himself get picked up by the other and was now on a bed. Dazai harshly pinned him down.

"Be his dog if it's what you wish, but don't die for his wish."

Dazai ripped Chuuya's clothes off and left a trail of marks down his neck.

"You're not his. You're mine Chuu-ya."

-Smut for you sinners, you deserve it since I waited so long to write-

"You bowed to him as if it were nothing."

Dazai inserted his member

"It's never nothing. You signed your life away."

Chuuya whimpered, he felt pain, more pain than he had before.

"He's not like me and you're not his pawn."

Dazai picked up his pace and gripped tightly onto Chuuya's thighs. It was hurtful pleasure and he couldn't help but moan.

Chuuya was drowning in ecstacy, he couldn't remember anything that previously happend. All he knew was that he wanted more, more than he had before. He bucked his hips a sign for Dazai to go faster; harder. He didn't want him to stop.


The two were now in bed, clean and silent. No one said a word after they showered.

Chuuya's mind was revolving around Dazai 'why was he angry?' he thought, looking at the ceiling.


 End Chapter: Hope you liked this chapter! Once again sorry for the grammar mistakes I don't usually have time to look over my writing.

*Sorry I cut the smut short because- I still can't write it that well... And I didnt want to continue writing it since I am on a bus and people are looking over my shoulder.

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