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Chapter 18

(Warning! Nothing really happens honestly but it's a bit edgy. I cut the scene because I can't write that but hope you enjoy!) 


The two angsty teens went to sleep. 

kind of

Dazai was constantly poking Chuuya's cheek. He had enough of it so he walked out and went to the couch.  

Dazai, of course, had to follow. He went, picked Chuuya up bridal style and carried him into the room again. 

Chuuya was too tired to protest. Plus it's not like he did not like being held by daz-

He was just tired that's all. 

He laid on the bed with Dazai's arms wrapped around him. 

A sudden jolt of energy came to him. He turned to face Dazai and kissed him. 

why? who knows.

Actually... It was simply because he felt like it.

Dazai was surprised and was no longer tired. 


He flipped over and was now on top of Chuuya. 

They kissed passionately.  They both loved it but a certain shorty was a bit salty. 

He pushed Dazai off and switched their positions. For once Chuuya was really confident and for once Dazai allowed it. Since he found it cute. Almost like a lion cub trying to roar. 


Chuuya got a little excited, he started pulling Dazai's hair and bit his lip. 

That was it...Dazai couldn't handle his lust and it got to him again. 

He pinned Chuuya down to the bed and started trailing kisses down his neck. He kept nibbling on Chuuya's neck until he heard a soft moan. He wanted more, he started biting harder and made sure to leave a mark. After Valentines, he never wanted to see anyone other than him kiss the shorty.

 Chuuya was not to be shared.ever. 

no ones. 

He isn't an object of course. Dazai wanted him to be something that was his and his alone. 

He remembered that a girl had kissed Chuuya. Couldn't she see that Chuuya wasn't an option? 

The stupid idiotic girl had the audacity to even set a finger on his shorty. That made him angry, pissed, lustful. He now had a certain want from Chuuya. 

Did she not see that he meant the world to Dazai? 

He made sure the mark on Chuuya's neck. It should stay there for weeks.

Dazai smirked.

It didn't take long before Dazai snapped out of his trance and noticed he was unbuckling Chuuya's belt. He quickly got off and apologized. Dazai was scared, what has he done? He was mad at himself because Chuuya looked scared.   

Chuuya didn't know what to do...

even though he didn't particularly mind what was going on... 

Dazai gave Chuuya a frightened look with watery eyes.  He had never seen Dazai like this.

He pulled Dazai closer and kissed his forehead. 

Their breathing slowly returning to its normal state. 

"it's okay Dazai. It's okay."


-small time skip-

They cuddled as usual with Dazai's arm wrapped protectively around Chuuya's waist, and his head resting on the crook of Chuuya's neck.  

"We're going on a date tomorrow. If you like it or not...I'll drag you there and I mean it Chuuya. Because I want you to be mine and only mine." Dazai mumbled.

"s-shut up Dazai and sleep." 

"It's a date then. Night Chuuya." Dazai mumbled softly passing out. 


Chuuya smiled and slowly fell asleep. 


End of Chapter 18! It was scandalous I guess? Ignore my grammar mistakes! Please. 

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