Port Mafia

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Chapter 30

~short filler ~ Chuuya indeed woke up flustered and Dazai used the excuse of "

you got drunk and wouldn't sleep until I held you."

Of course Chuuya believed it.

After a while, a knock interrupted Chuuya's constant nagging.

As Dazai went to go open the door

"Dazai~ what a pleasant suprise didn't kn-"

He slammed the door on the guys face.

"Who was it?" Chuuya asked raising a brow.

"Someone who deserves to die and not enjoy it~"


Dazai shook his head.

"Jose?" Dazai nodded but there was another knock.

"What the fuck does this bitch want?" Chuuya asked.

Dazai smirked.

"What if we start having sex~ ? Then he'll leave right~?" he teased before getting punched in the face.

While Dazai was knocked out

Chuuya used his ability to get rid of Jose. Of course he was still new to this ability thing so he may have dropped him a couple of times...

He made sure Jose would never come back. ~end filler~ 


"Chuuya...it's time we go to Port Mafia headquarters..." Dazai gave a stern look.


"Sorry, chu~ but this is protocol..." he said as he knocked Chuuya out. 


Chuuya woke up angry, his ability started shaking the floor.

He spotted Dazai and immediately went to go smack him.

"DaZaI yO-"

Dazai raised both of his hands in defense (almost as if a police were interrogating him) and pointed to the right.

Once Chuuya turned he saw a man with semi long jet black hair with a little girl at his side.

His eyes widened, this must be Port Mafia's boss.

"Chuuya Nakahara. hm? You seem like you know what you're capable of. This place could make you stronger. Your ability to control gravity serves a useful purpose here, in Port Mafia." The man stated.

The man gave Dazai a glare. Chuuya turned to see Dazai's cold, dark, AND hateful expression.

"You may wait outside Dazai."

Dazai's glare somehow darkend "very well. sir." he said without breaking eye contact.

As Dazai walked by Chuuya could feel the cold aura radiating from him.

Once Dazai was out the man cleared his throat.

"You will be joining Port Mafia as of today. you will be taken under an executives wing. You have no other option am I clear."

"Yes sir." Chuuya said bowing his head a bit.

"Loyalty already hm?" he laughed darkly.

"now." the man took on a darker demanding tone.

"You will not be under Dazai's supervision and you are only allowed to meet with him after work ours or on breaks. Do I Make Myself Clear." his tone now menacing.

Chuuya's eyes widened. He did not reply.

The boss stood up. "You will train this whole week, no breaks. If you are not at the level of an executive by a month you will be executed. These are my rules, follow them."

"Yes... Sir." Chuuya said bowing again.

"Dazai will take you to your new house and then the training grounds for the next two days. After that, you are to follow the instructions I gave you. You are dismissed."


End of Chapter.


Please ignore grammar mistakes it's kind of late at night. (also wattpad has been glitching, sorry if there are repeat of words or random letters)

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