Valentines day

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Chapter 16

*~huge time skip to valentines day~*

Chuuya told Dazai about what happened to his only parent figure during the summer and that made Dazai not want to leave his apartment.

Of course, he only moved in after days of arguing and pestering Chuuya. 

Not that Chuuya would mind sleeping with Dazai... every night... 


 Senior year was coming to an end and it seemed crazy how close they've come to be.

but something was driving both of them crazy 

Which was... what to get each other for Valentine's day. 

What would they want? Would they even want a gift? Are they even that far into the relationship? In fact, both of them never asked what they are to each other. 


Chuuya was effected the most by the question. Do friends act like this? no that can't be they made ou-  kissed. 

He was now lost in thought pacing around the living room. 

Dazai wondered what Chuuya was thinking so hard about. Could he be thinking the same question? 

Dazai decided it was better to wait for Chuuya to ask what they were but god knows how long that will take.

but for little Chuuya he could wait. which let him think about his own feelings about the hat rack. 


It was now valentines day.  

Chuuya and Dazai were walking down the hall. Chuuya couldn't help but notice all the chocolates Dazai was getting.

By the time they made it to class he had to carry a grocery bag of things with him.

They both sat down when a group of girls came to their desks. Of course they wished Dazai a happy valentines day.

By then Chuuya was pissed.


He mentally screamed at the girls to fuck off. All he heard from them was 'Dazai is so cute' 'Hes hot!' 'I bet he's single'

The fuck he wasn't. Chuuya was his boyfr- oh. Chuuya calmed down. He really had no right to be that possessive. As a friend though ? Could he still be a bit possessive... of course he is a friend after all. Right ?

Chuuya couldn't handle the group of squealing fangirls.

He got his backpack and started to walk away when he dropped his notebook.

He mentally cursed himself. He went to pick it up when a girl handed him the notebook. She smiled.

He thanked her and continued walking. To his surprise she offered to walk out with him since it was getting too crowded. He just nodded.

They waited outside they just talked about random things mostly about how annoying Dazai was.

Dazai this Dazai that.


The girl couldn't help but notice the slight blush on Chuuya's cheeks when he talked about Dazai. She found it cute.

This led her to a question. Aren't they dating ? They are with each other every day...?

Until she spoke up

"Are you and Dazai dating?"

Chuuya almost choked.

" we. I don't know...i Want to.. so he's not open to anyone else but me."

He mumbled the last part.


She laughed and pat him on the shoulder. When someone pushed her into Chuuya.

Next thing you know it looked like Chuuya was hugging and holding her close.

That was when a certain someone stepped in.

"He- hem" "Chuuya~ who's this?"

The girl panicked she didn't want to start anything between them. Before anything could happen

"Someone pushed me into him sorry." She said slowly backing away from Dazai's scary aura.


"Chuuyaa~ Was she your new girlfriend?"

Dazai just smiled at Chuuya. This aura was different...scary.

Chuuya panicked...what's with this.

HE was the one surrounded by girls. HE was the one accepting chocolates from basically every girl. It made him angry. Everything about today so far was irritating.

"So what if she was? What are you going to do about it?"
Chuuya finally  spat out.

With that Dazai pinned Chuuya against the wall.


END OF CHAPTER 16! It's been a while ! Expect another chapter later!!

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