slight jealousy

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Chapter 10

Chuuya immediately punched Dazai in the face. why? Well, he didn't want to be seen. 

He quickly grabbed his clothes and closed the door on Dazai's face.


"Chuuya~ why don't you wear what you were wearing before?"

"You're not just an idiot but a pervert too, jeez you. are. disgusting." He hissed. 

The two continued bickering (Including comments about Chuuya in a towel.) as they walked to the park. 

Chuuya was happy now since Dazai was by his side again. 

 He sighed heavily remembering Dazai's boyfriend. Both of them remembered what happened two days ago. Dazai gave Chuuya a concerned look. 


"Don't say my name like that pervert." 

"Ookay shorty. but hey look you know Atsushi right?" 

At that point, Chuuya's heart shattered. He wasn't ready for Dazai to actually confirm he had a boyfriend. So he simply nodded. 

"You should talk to him! He's nice, funny, and really knows how to comfort people but annoying too!"

You're one to talk  Chuuya muttered.

Dazai went on and on about Atsushi and by this point all of Chuuya's emotions were fake. He nodded, smiled a bit, and repeat. 


To Chuuya's surprise,  Atsushi was at the park. Dazai and Atsushi hugged and laughed. He couldn't help but scoff and mutter a couple of words. 

"Is Chuuya jealous?" Dazai teased. 


Dazai inched closer to Atsushi clearly messing with Chuuya. 

 Now Dazai's and Atsushi's lips were not so far from each other. Chuuya couldn't handle it, he put his hand in between their lips. Atsushi had caught on to Dazai's plan but was surprised by Chuuya's actions. Atsushi thought no one could ever like Dazai romantically giving is annoying aspects. 

Dazai raised a brow and Chuuya blushed. He removed his hand from the middle quickly. Mentally he was freaking out but on the outside well let's just say he was really red.  

"There Dazai you proved your point now get off!" Atsushi said still blushing. 

"Thanks, little brother," Dazai said. 

"Brother....?" Chuuya said shyly. Mentally punching himself. 

"yeah sadly," Atsushi responded. 

At this point, Chuuya couldn't even handle himself. He got jealous, genuinely jealous and now all of them knew. Dazai then turned to Chuuya hugging him. 

"Trust me there's no one else but you to be my special friend." 

"Fuck off." Chuuya hissed walking the opposite direction. 


The end of Chapter 10! This is basically a filler...but  I plan to have an update later today so stay tuned! 

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