What's left

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Chapter 34     

   Turns out Akutagawa was also a mafioso...but he never told Chuuya that. Losing Odasaku again tore Dazai apart. He was more ruthless and used Akutagawa as a personal punching bag ...for "training".  Akutagawa wanted nothing more than approval from his teacher, so he let him. A few broken bones here, a few there, Dazai didn't care. . . he even went as far as blaming Akutagawa for Oda's death. 

Dazai repeatedly heard Oda's last wishes in his mind and He was determined to grant them.

What Dazai didn't notice was, what he left behind...

...Who he left behind.


Dazai had to leave... Dazai had to tear me apart... Dazai had to break me...Dazai...had my heart.

Chuuya sulked and drank his days away. Tachihara tried to help but Kouyou would ask him to leave following with "Time is needed to cure a broken heart." 

Chuuya still took jobs, he took them to let his frustration out. He remembered a duo called 'double black' and how Boss sent Chuuya and Dazai on a mission together.  (During the two weeks, he became an executive. )

That duo was the strongest in the mafia- they took down a whole enemy base in one night...and that duo consisted of Chuuya and the awful Dazai.  

Time passed... and Chuuya still couldn't get the bandage wasting mackerel out of his heart. 


Two years later

Kouyou would comfort Chuuya like a mother would in such situations; she would bring him food, snacks, check up on him, and on occasion bring him wine. She didn't know how to help, until the Mafia boss, Mori found out where Dazai was. 

Chuuya was currently in a motherly embrace ... not that he wanted it, Kouyou would pester him until he gave her a hug. 

"Depending on if you think this is good news or bad news- ...We know that Dazai is alive, he hangs out at a coffee shop near the ADA offices from time to time if you'd like to see him of course." 

Chuuya felt something, different from before... relieved. Despite the pain Dazai caused, Chuuya couldn't stop loving him. But go looking for Dazai? no no no... that wasn't an option. 

for now at least...


End of the chapter!

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