Small talk

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Chapter 25

He saw the old scars. Chuuya kissed the scars and hugged Dazai and said the words

"Thank you." 


Chuuya noticed it was getting late. Well, he noticed it was 4:35 am...

Chuuya started to get up but Dazai refused to let him go and pulled him closer to his chest

"Dazai let me go"

"No Chuuya, it's been a long day and I think this is the longest we've actually talked about ourselves."

Chuuya sighed.  He could feel Dazai's chest rising and falling as he listened to his steady heartbeat. Every time Dazai talked Chuuya could feel the slight vibrations coming from him.

They were silent since they were slightly tired from all the talking. Dazai ran his fingers through Chuuya's hair and hummed a soft tune. 

It was nice and peaceful.

"So what's port mafia?"

Dazai froze for a second and looked down at Chuuya.

"What do you mean Chu~" 

"What is Port Mafia?" Chuuya looked up at Dazai now concerned. 

"It's...uh, promise you won't hate me? um..It's uh... This might sound crazy."

"Dazai just tell me what it is..." Chuuya said as he started to get up but of course, Dazai tightened his grasp. 

"It's an underground organization in Japan. They have an Ability Business Permit allowing them to conduct their um..activities.... in a 'legal way' and They are known as Yokohama's 'Wardens of the Night'."

"Ability okay, so you have an ability... Okay but activities? What kind of activities?" 

Dazai's throat tightened. He has to tell Chuuya the truth but he was conflicted since Port Mafia isn't all sunshine in rainbows. He kills people for god sake. 

"It's uh.."

"Dazai." Chuuya sounded irritated. 

"Okay okay. It's an organization where...okay you know what it's dangerous and sometimes I kill people. but it's for the business to carry out the missions they assign us." 

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