Chuuya's revenge

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Chapter 28 

This was revenge for all the marks that Dazai left on his body. His own personal portrait.

Chuuya was going to unwrap Dazai's bandages but Dazai abruptly stopped him.


"Chuuya~ I am enjoying this~where did you get all this energy from?~" 

"Stupid Dazai. I thought something was wrong!" 

Once Chuuya had unwrapped all of the bandages, then he quickly removed Dazai's shirt. 

[WARNING SMUT AHEAD! For all you sinners-] {ignore grammer mistakes I am kind of rushing due to how busy I am}

 He trailed kisses all over his body, marking him in the process. 

He marked his way down to Dazai's lower region. He gave him a seductive glare before going to remove his pants.  

Dazai's buldge was very visable and it only encouraged him more. 

He stuck his knee between Dazai's legs and rubbed a bit as he smashed his lips against the other's lips. 

This time Dazai was the one who couldn't keep up with Chuuya's pace. I should get Chuuya drunk more often. Dazai thought to himself.

Chuuya pushed his knee harder causing Dazai to flinch in pleasure. 

- once Chuuya removed Dazai's boxers, he spread Dazai's legs. 

He continued to tease him by licking around his area. 

"Chuuya~ aren't you going to st-" 

Chuuya licked the tip of his member. 

Dazai let out a "hm~" 

 Chuuya licked his shaft causing him to arch his back. 

"I'm the only one who can make you feel like this right~" Chuuya said before taking in Dazai's dick. 

He began bobbing his head using his lips to tighten for more pleasure. 


Chuuya took in all of Dazai and gagged a bit but continued to go faster. 

Dazai could feel Chuuya's throat tighten and Dazai was almost at his climax. 

Chuuya began to go faster, he kept going until he couldn't go any faster.

"Chuuya I-I think im go-" Chuuya cut Dazai off giving him a harsh kiss.

 When Dazai released Chuuya went to seductively lick the mess. 

 Chuuya climbed on top of Dazai and started to remove his pants. 

"Chuuya you can't yet~ You're drunk remember~" Dazai said between heavy breaths. 

Dazai flipped Chuuya over holding him down. 

"you seem to forget that your ability can be outdone by mine~" Dazai teased. 


This is all I had time for I AM SORRY!!!! This is way too short ahhh, I'll try to write more tomorrow! Sorry for the grammar mistakes! School has me in a mess. I AM SO SO SO SORRY! atleast I got the sex part down... kind's bad AH SORRY!!

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