Even tho you're annoying

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Chapter 13 

The next day Chuuya woke up with a shiver. He looked around and Dazai disappeared again. Chuuya was upset. did he leave again? 

He sadly walked around the apartment looking for Dazai which probably wasn't even in the apartment. He probably went with Atsushi or something. With that thought, Chuuya snickered. 

His eyes started watering. 

"damn it. why?"

Chuuya hated this. He was still very weak. He hated himself. At this point, the only reason he was still alive was because of Dazai. Because Dazai was what filled the hole in Chuuya's heart. He didn't feel lost when he was with him. He never had negative thoughts and never questioned his existence. 

Chuuya was now crying. 

"Wow miss me already?" Dazai said walking through the main door. 

Dazai saw Chuuya's expression and quickly ran over. 

"Chuuya what happened?" 

"I guess I missed your annoying ass." 

"My ass has nothing to do with this Chuu-ya but thank you for looking at it." 

Dazai kissed Chuuya's forehead and wiped his tears.  

He then picked up Chuuya bridal style and set him on the couch. 

"Dazai what the heck!?" "honestly wh-" 

Dazai Just kissed Chuuya as a way to tell him to shut up. 

He then reached for a bag and gave it to Chuuya. 

Chuuya looked him weirdly before opening it. 

"A hat? how did you know?" 

"You wore one once plus I looked in your closet. Hats everywhere. Why don't you wear them you look very cute~" Dazai said poking his Chuuya's cheek. 

Chuuya took this opportunity to kiss Dazai. Which was a surprise but they both enjoyed each and every physical contact.

"you know Dazai, even though you're annoying...I L-like you." 

"Only like?" "I guessss my lifee isn't worth living *sighhhhhhhh*" "OnLY iF SoMeOne LovEd meeee~" "I guess I should go hanggggg~ myself." Dazai over exaggeratedly got up. 

Chuuya pulled Dazai by the collar and kissed him more passionately. 

"tch. Fine. I love y-you." 

Chuuya said muttering while turning the other way.

"I. love. you. too~" 

"I swear. annoying." 


The end of chapter 13! hooray for fillers! 

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