jealous ?

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Chapter 7

Chuuya woke up no longer feeling his so called friend beside him. His heart ached...Was it just a dream? Was Dazai even real?

He walked around his apartment searching for Dazai subconsciously. He wasn't there...

He got ready and just walked to school on his own.


Still no sight of Dazai...where could he be?

Chuuya was feeling a bit stressed, hoping nothing had happened to his 'friend'.

Dazai wasn't there for the beginning of school but was there for class.

"OI Dazai where'd you go in the morning?"

"Aw Chuuya~ you caree"

"But I was with an old friend Atsushi. Sorry Chuuya I won't be going home with you today."

Chuuya couldn't help but feel hurt. He gave dazai a false smile "good. I don't need you."

"Of course you don't ChUuYa." Dazai replied.

The day went on and chuuya was trying to get use to the fact that Dazai wasn't with him.


The next day again no annoyance in the morning. Did Dazai find a new friend? Did he not care about Chuuya anymore?

Chuuya shook his head refusing to think about Dazai. He was annoying anyway so why care?

After all, they only knew each other for about 2 weeks.

Either way, he felt depressed without Dazai. The fact that Dazai was with another person, a male, made Chuuya think they were a 'thing'.

What if Dazai had a boyfriend and the kid name Atsushi was it.

Chuuya got to school his face lit up when he saw Dazai but a smaller figure was with him. He was taller than Chuuya if course. He had Gray hair and different colored eyes.

Chuuya's heart sank when he saw Dazai and the other male hug. Dazai seemed happy, genuinely happy.

Then he saw Dazai and Atsushi was it?

Point being he saw them laugh and it seemed like there was something going on between them.

Chuuya let out a squeak because he tripped over a tiny dent in the concrete.

He cursed himself wanting to run away before Dazai got to him.


Dazai recognized that squeak, he could recognize it anywhere.

Was Chuuya watching? What did Chuuya think?

Him and Atsushi were just close friends basically brothers since Dazai's family took him in at a young age.

Dazai let go of Atsushi and walked around the corner. He saw Chuuya cursing himself and laughed.


"Tch. Dazai leave me the fuck alone. I don't want to see you anymore."

Dazai stopped smiling.

Was Chuuya jealous?

"Chuuya it's not wh-"

"I SAID FUCK OFF!" Chuuya said running off.

This was going to be awkward since they had class together and literally sat right next to each other.

Dazai's heart ached, he wanted to fix everything but when Chuuya is can't particular fix things so easily.

Dazai waved at Atsushi and walked to class, he couldn't smile like usual because Chuuya said he didn't want to see him anymore.

Yeah sure he's said it before but this time it was literal, he meant it with every bit of him. To Dazai this was like a shot to the heart.

End of Chapter 7!

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