Seriously!? - (Valentines Day continued)

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Chapter 17

With that Dazai pinned Chuuya against the wall



Of course, Dazai didn't let go. Why would he? His heart was aching. How could Chuuya not understand that he loved him deeply? Why else would they kiss? Why else would he stick around? or rather sleep with him? 

Dazai loved him so god damn much it hurt. They even said they loved each other at one point. What is this mess? 

Why does it have to hurt so bad?

Why does loving someone hurt SO GOD DAMN MUCH?!?

Why does waiting have to be so painful?

He wanted nothing more then to kiss Chuuya like before at the apartment but 

by then Dazai was crushing Chuuya's hands. 

Chuuya whimpered in pain. Dazai Immediately loosened his grip. 

"Do you like her."

Chuuya noticed what was going on. He decided to have fun. 

"So what if I do?"

"Oh nothing~" Dazai caught on. Plus Chuuya told Dazai he was gay at one point. 

Chuuya scoffed since he noticed Dazai had caught on to what he was trying to do. 

"Fuck off. Don't talk to me shitty Dazai." 

The group of girls finally found Dazai and hoarded him with Chocolate... again. Chuuya's heart burned he still wanted to beat the shit out of the girls since Dazai was something he did not want to share. 

That was when a different group of girls walked up to Chuuya. They gave him chocolate, showered him with compliments. 

That's new   Chuuya thought to himself


Dazai did not like this. Was this how Chuuya felt? 

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