special friend

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Chapter  12

Dazai was about to beat Akutagawa when Chuuya tugged on his shirt then gripping onto it. He gave a glance that meant 'stop' or 'don't' almost pleading like the day they slept with each other. 

Dazai unclenched his fist and put Akutagawa down since he had him by the collar. 

Atsushi was finally breathing again because he never saw Dazai so mad before. 

Dazai mumbled a couple of words before pulling Chuuya the opposite direction. They walked hands interlocked subconsciously. 

"Dazai where are we going? I can deal with Akutagawa if it means you can still hang out with Atsushi."  Chuuya mentioned softly almost like a whisper. 

Dazai stopped and looked down at him. He smiled and squeezed Chuuya's hand but shook his head.  Then kept walking pulling Chuuya with him.


They ended up going to watch a movie. The movie was a thriller called 'lights out'. This gave Dazai an upper hand since he didn't get scared easily and Chuuya argued that he would not be scared. 

Of course, as they watched the movie Chuuya jumped and hugged Dazai. Their positions changed every so often since Chuuya hid behind Dazai, hugged Dazai, held Dazai's hand...you get the drift. 

The movie ended and Chuuya was scared. They later went to his apartment which was dark and reminded him of the movie. 

Dazai chuckled and turned on all the lights so no 'monsters' could get to his 'special friend' 

Dazai turned off a light causing Chuuya to run and hug Dazai again. This made him laugh. 

"Stop laughing Dazai...I'm not even scared." 

This brought out the more... 'playful' side of Dazai. Not scared huh? 

Dazai turned off another light...and another....and another. 

Chuuya was trembling and whimpering softly. 

Dazai ran to him feeling bad now that his...special friend was scared to death. But he still felt playful. 

"Chuu-ya~," Dazai said adding emphasis to the 'ya' 

Chuuya didn't bother to look anywhere he just hid in Dazai's chest. This made Dazai want Chuuya even more. Since he was now defenseless, whimpering, and trembling. He wanted nothing more but to kiss Chuuya to comfort him. He wanted to so badly but he decided to do something that would benefit both sides. How? by distracting him.  

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